Vick Dogs to Die, NAACP Leader Calls for Vick to Play Football Again

What kind of "rehabilitation" allows for a mass murderer to spend a couple of years in jail and then blithely resume is high-paying career? That's...


What kind of “rehabilitation” allows for a mass murderer to spend a couple of years in jail and then blithely resume is high-paying career? That’s called a “get of jail free” card, not true rehabilitation.

Look, I get it that the Atlanta NAACP thinks its going to get a lot of money from Vick for trying to help him but, guys it just makes the NAACP look bad. Think about it. You’re sending the message to young people that mass abuse of others, human or otherwise, is okay if you can afford to have a high-priced lawyer send around a statement about how sorry you are that you got caught.

How about some serious rehabilitation, like working several years in shelters working with abused dogs? How about turning over what’s left of those millions of dollars to groups and shelters that save the dogs you and your ilk have abused? How about just coming out yourself and openly apologizing to every dog and human you’ve abused, as well as everyone who looked up to you? How about just not flipping “the bird” to people who care enough about others to protest outside your court appearances? These are the beginning of rehabilitation.

Saying, “oh poor little sick Ookie, we understand rich athletes can’t be held to the same standards of humanity as say a rabid bat so you can do a few months in a country club (sort of) jail and then be allowed to resume your life just as if you didn’t routinely choose to maim, torture and murder who knows how many innocent victims.” That’s just wrong!

I’ve respected the NAACP for many years for their courageous stands on issues. Not this time. This isn’t courageous. Supporting Vick is a blatant injustice.

How about this, President White. Why don’t you invite Vick to move in with you and your family for a few years? Got children at home, President White? I bet you and the kids will have a blast as Vick teaches them how to abuse dogs and bet on dogfights. What about the rest of his lifestyle? Oh, that will be soooo much fun too! But hey, you want to tell the rest of us that Ookie will be “rehabilitated” by the time he comes out of his too-short “vacation” so you can have him in your life up close and personal.

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Vick’s dogs on deadline
August 23, 2007


RICHMOND, Va. — More than 50 pit bulls seized from Michael Vick’s property face a deadline today to be claimed. If no one comes forward, they could be euthanized.

Federal prosecutors filed court documents last month to condemn 53 pit bulls seized in April as part of the investigation into dogfighting on the Vick’s property. No one has claimed any of the dogs, which are being held at several unspecified shelters in eastern Virginia.

Meanwhile, an NAACP leader said Vick should be allowed to return to the NFL, preferably the Atlanta Falcons, after serving his sentence for his role in a dogfighting operation.

“As a society, we should aid in his rehabilitation and welcome a new Michael Vick back into the community without a permanent loss of his career in football,” said R.L. White, president of the NAACP’s Atlanta chapter.

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