UPDATE: Positive Developments & Adoption Effort First Priority for Former “Canine Angels” Dogs in Georgia

This is the most recent update from Jim WIllis on the Canine Angels front. Like anything with dogs, its a little messy and involves a...


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Finding Homes For Canine Angels

This is the most recent update from Jim Willis on the Canine Angels front. Like anything with dogs, its a little messy and involves a lot of barking. Most of all, it involves people of good will working towards solutions for the dogs everyone almost everyone else forgot and left behind — the dogs of Canine Angels.

Canine angels Grayson

Details of some of the developments are still being worked out and it would be premature for me to address those now. The absolute first priority is that as many dogs as possible be adopted as soon as possible, and if they can’t be adopted out individually, that they be entrusted to the care of legitimate, experienced rescues and no-kill shelters. There is a limited number of undersocialized dogs who will need a true sanctuary setting for the time being.

Canine Angels Boss
I and an animal-law attorney have spoken with the GA Dept. of Agriculture, we are all cooperating, and it is agreed that only no-kill solutions will be pursued for the dogs. (Therefore, please put all of your energy into the adoption effort; signatures to the on-line petition and protest actions are no longer necessary.)

Canine Angels' Isabella
It has also been made clear that the two-week extension did not allow enough time to arrange solutions for all the animals (and only six days remain of the present extension). Several of us have spoken with national animal-protection organizations and some help has already been offered. Some misunderstandings in various directions have been addressed and cleared up. Some offers of help were not fruitful and created some people problems and I as the current legal owner of the dogs had to take the brunt of that. That is all water under the bridge as far as I’m concerned, and I am willing to work with anyone who genuinely has the best interests of the dogs as the first priority. This has been a team effort and finding good solutions for the dogs will require a continued team effort.

Canine Angels Cody
It has been discussed that I transfer ownership of the dogs to someone in Georgia, who I and my legal counsel and the Dept. of Agriculture approve of and can work with. We have a short-list of candidates. I will continue in an advisory capacity and will continue my efforts to place the dogs. This would be done purely to facilitate their placement and there is no doubt that having someone in Georgia would speed up the process.

Some of the things we are working on now is promoting the adoption of the dogs any way we can, especially in the media, and your help with that will be appreciated. We are working on getting good photographs of the dogs with bio notes. We are working on having all the dogs examined by a veterinarian and having any vaccinations necessary given, along with the assessment of any other medical needs. We need volunteer groomers, and they need not be professional; many of the dogs are shedding out, in need of baths, need ears cleaned and nails trimmed, and we want them to look their best. Other volunteers to perform other chores are needed.

Canine Angels Diesel
If anyone has reservations about making a financial contribution through the Canine Angels website, you can contact me about alternatives. I and legal counsel are insuring that anything donated is being used for the animals and the adoption effort.

Your continued help and support for the dogs and the adoption effort are greatly appreciated by all of us involved. Information about the adoption effort and updates will be placed on the Canine Angels website and the complete contact information follows. (Their phones have been busy and they have many demands on their time. Please leave a message and someone will get back to you. If you are local and wish to volunteer or adopt, simply show up there at a reasonable time. We hope to have more people on-site soon to assist with coordinating the adoption effort.)

Jim Willis
The Tiergarten Sanctuary Trust

Canine Angels 45
For more information contact:
Sue Wells and Lynette Rowe
2179 Pulliam Mill Rd
Dewy Rose, GA, 30634


Visit Canine Angel’s website

Canine Angels Bentley

Canine Angels’ Bentley

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