Two Great Pyrenees Kept In Storage Unit, Need Home Now!

I just got this message from a rescue group that is in the UK, they saw this and got it to me in hopes we...


I just got this message from a rescue group that is in the UK, they saw this and got it to me in hopes we can help.

Two gorgeous dogs were adopted out only to be kept in a storage unit, the DA won’t prosecute the person responsible, and now the dogs are back at a kill shelter.

We need to get these dogs a home, and there is no time to waste. Then, we need to contact the DA and demand the woman responsible for doing this be charged with animal cruelty.

16greatpy840272678100000008712733_159995_1873091_nLumpkin County, GA Great Pyrenees kept in storage unit!!!

It just came to my attention today that two Great Pyrenees that were formally at the Lumpkin County Animal Shelter in Dahlonega, GA are BACK!

These two gentle giants were adopted out from there to a person who kept them in a STORAGE UNIT for the past two weeks!!!!

Sad thing is…I had those that wanted them…but they were given to someone who did this horrible act of animal cruelty to them! They are now back at the shelter yet I’m trying desperately to get them pulled! They need to see a vet! They need to get out of there! They NEED a NEW HOME!!!

Animal Control picked them up yesterday… but guess what? The DA in Lumpkin County GA will NOT prosecute the woman for animal cruelty!

First thing: PLEASE CALL THE DA’S OFFICE and beg them to prosecute this woman for putting these two gentle and sweet giants into a windowless storage untit filled with her garbage! He refused!!!

Lumpkin County DA: Stan Gunner, Asst. DA; Tom Wight

Call them to DEMAND that they file proper animal abuse charges against this person who put them in a darkened, windowless, environment!!!


As said above….I am desperately looking to pull these two and get them first to a vet…and then on to a new home or with another rescue that can take them! Please be humble and pass this along to ALL that care about the animals! Help find them a home! If you can not…please consider donating towards the vet care they will need…or in the least…enough money to get them out of the kill shelter where they now linger so I can get them into a boarding facility…

They did nothing wrong in life…yet life has been so cruel to these two…they have spent their lives outdoors…and then sent to a kill shelter…then to a STORAGE UNIT FOR TWO WEEKS!!!…and NOW?! They’re back at the kill shelter!

PLEASE take the time to call the DA’s office! PLEASE take the time to donate even a dollar so I can get them pulled and out of that place!

Thank you!

Dave Stark, contact via email.

Angels Among Us (based out of Cumming, GA)


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