10 Looks Dogs Give Us When Treat Time is Nigh

In honor of the adorable faces dogs make right before they get a snack, we’ve compiled a list of best looks.

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Dogs and people are very different, but if there is a universal understanding, it’s the shared satisfaction of getting a treat after a long day at work. For people, that might include cookies or some other special snack that you wouldn’t normally indulge in. Because hey, it’s been a long day at the job – it’s totally okay to devour an entire bag of Doritos, right? People judge all they want, but it’s just what happens sometimes.

However the best thing about dogs are that they never judge – quite the contrary, when they see you unwrapping that Twinkie the look on their face’s say: “Me too, right? Some for me? I love you!”

It’s almost too much to handle. So in honor of the adorable faces dogs make right before they get a snack, we’ve compiled a list of best looks.

Here, we have the face of a poor pup who has opted for the “Oliver Twist” look. Which is a very good idea on his end, because how can anyone deny a treat from that face? We can almost here him saying: “Please sir, may I have some more?”

Ah yes, the classic doggy treat time face. The sad eyes, the look of absolute desperation — It’s as if he is thinking: “Mom! If don’t get a snack in the next minute my life will be over!”

The face of a Chihuahua who has declared that — because he didn’t get a snack, life is not worth living anymore. One of the most successful of the tactics, usually performed after the doggy sad eyes look.

Here we have a dog who understands how to pull on our heartstrings, because he knows that requesting snacks with a cute face alone isn’t enough — but with a doggy sized chef’s hat? Easy. Tongue out, ears perked, and after not much time — dinner time is served. Score.

This dog has decided to go an entire different route — the nonchalant, “I don’t care about this food, but I really do” way of getting ahead of things. Here is a dog who understands that if he waits patiently enough, and behaves himself, he’ll get a treat. A classic route we generally see reserved for cats.

The sneak attack: The face dogs make when they think that no one is watching them. They slyly circle the snack, wait, and watch before going in for the kill. It’s as if they are thinking: “Heh! Heh! Heh! Fools! You forgot to put away my kibble! Now it’s mine! All mine!”

Baby vs. Dog: We all know dog wins. Babies are too pure, and uncorrupted, to understand the manipulative look of a hungry dog — They have no idea that what they are about to do will spark the beginning of meal time harassment for the rest of their lives.

We’re not really sure what is going on here. But we have an inkling that this dog has cohorts who are willing to dress him up, give him sunglasses, and a special little basket. Thus creating the ultimate treat-soliciting machine.

Pugs are their own entity when it comes to thus — with their smooshed faces, heavy breathing, and chubby bodies, it’s impossible to deny them a treat even when they’re not really trying. They carry the saddest faces when they want something, and it feels as if you were to deny them of food, the entire world would think you’re the most evil person.

This photograph is by far our favorite, and has captured a look of true determination. Here, we see not only dogs coming together making adorable faces in the name of food, but far off to the right we see their feline friend participating as well. The four of them might be the hardest to deny when it comes to a treat, and how could you? Their eyes say it all.

What about your pets? Does your pet pull a specific face on you when treat time is nigh?

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