The Top 5 Bizarre Dog Insurance Claims for 2012

Pets Best Insurance has heard it all. Here are the weirdest things it heard last year.


You know how dogs do stupid things that end up costing a lot of money, like eating paint for dinner and then following it with a dessert of roller brush? Well, Pets Best Insurance, a nationwide pet insurance agency, knows a lot about stuff like that. And because the company knows how incredibly interesting these my-dog-ate-whaaaat? stories are, it complied, sorted, and then ranked a bunch of them that came through its office last year.

The result? Only the top five bizarre and expensive insurance claims for 2012!

Oh, come on. You know you can’t wait to hear them.

1. Tango

This German Shorthaired Pointer in Missouri loves to eat everything near him. A beach towel was near him. Tango ate it. What a beach towel! A $2,063 vet bill later (Pets Best Insurance covered $1,650 of it), and Tango is planning his next move. The clock looks delicious.

2. Copper

“Hmm, golf,” thought this Labrador Retriever one day. So he ate two golf balls. And then his owner gave $3,874 to a vet to surgically retrieve them from the stomach trap. Copper is terrible at golf.

3. Max

Oh, Max. When we put all the fertilizer on the yard, you weren’t supposed to follow behind us and eat it all up. Do you enjoy receiving intravenous fluids? Do you enjoy a vet sticking a needle into your arm? What is wrong with you?

Oh, and please don’t eat this $1,618 I have to give the vet. I’m going to put it on the table right here.

“Pet owners should always keep an eye on their pets when yard chemicals and fertilizers are being used,” said said Dr. Jack Stephens, founder and president of Pets Best Insurance. “Pets can become very ill from eating fertilizer, and they often ingest it straight from the bag or by licking it off their paws. It might not be the first issue pet owners think about, but consuming fertilizer can lead to serious health issues for animals.”

4. Bailey

What the hell, nectarine pits? Why are you causing so much trouble for Bailey, a Labrador who just likes to put a bunch of you into his stomach? Poor Bailey had to make two trips to the vet, resulting in nearly $4,000 worth of vet care (luckily Pets Best took care of nearly all of it).

It’s like I always say: Nectarines are bad news.

5. Zoie

This energetic Maltese likes going to the beach, having the time of her life, then ruining everyone’s day by settling into a huge meal of sand. Yes, sand. Zoie eats sand. Have you eaten sand? It tastes like sand. During her meal, Zoie lost her appetite and started throwing up. Her dessert was intravenous fluids. Total charge for the meal? $1,991, payable to the freaking vet.

So there you have it! Pets Best Insurance’s the top five bizarre and expensive insurance claims for 2012. We’d like to thank all the dogs for playing, though rules state that they are never allowed in the contest again, so stop eating weird stuff, okay? That goes for every other dog in the world, too.

Via Pets Best Insurance

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