Today is the Day to Post Some Questions I’ve Been Saving

September 16, 2005: In regard to your bones are bad response to the poodle who liked beef ribs. What exactly is "I have removed many...

September 16, 2005:

In regard to your bones are bad response to the poodle who liked beef ribs. What exactly is “I have removed many bone fragments from dogs in this fashion.” How many is this? What are the circumstances of the type of bones? Cooked? Raw? Where the bones just in the stomach or actually lodged somewhere? Where they simple recreational bones? Bones with a meal of meat attached to the bone? And about Greenies? You do realize that there have been a number of cases on this board alone of blockages, non digestion and death from eating greenies…yet you support that item? And the instances of runny stool from raw bones…do you understand why this happens? Are these raw fed dogs or dogs just given a bone by an owner? How many classes in vet school and continuing education have you had on canine and feline nutrition? How many of these classes were sponsored by a pet food company? How much independent study have you done on canine nutrition?

Name and location withheld

September 19, 2005:

hello! i have a cocker spaniel (female) were luking for a male cocker, becoz ours is hitting already. but thn we culndt find any cocker available to stud our dog. thn after 2 wiks since my dog hit, someone called us and saying he has a male dog for our dog. i wud lyk to ask if still we can make our dog get stud after 2 weeks of hitting, is it still possible to get my dog pregnant? tnx!

Name and location withheld

October 26, 2005:

are dog hairs dangerous if they go up your nose.

Name and location withheld

October 31, 2005:

Hi Dr. Barchas,
I’m wondering if it is not at all good to have a brother and a sister cat cat mated. I heard a lot of different things about this and I really don’t know which to believe. I have a 2 months old female cat and a 4 months old male cat whose mother is the same. Is it ok if they get mated?
Thank you in advance for your reply.
Yours sincerely

Name and location withheld

Real questions, I promise! Happy April 1.

Sorry folks, policing the comments for abuse has become too time consuming on this one, so I’ve disabled them. If you enjoyed this post (as many of you have told me you did), that’s great. If you found it offensive, I’m truly sorry. Those of you who take offense can perhaps read some of my 557 other posts before judging me harshly.

A special note to Dyg: I have given my opinions on raw food several times on this blog — you can use the search tool (try searching for “raw food”) to see a bit of what I have said in the past on the matter. But, since the topic is very interesting to a large number of people, I’ll dedicate yet another post to the subject soon. An advance warning: those of you who are relishing the opportunity to tear me apart as a member of the “anti-raw-food establishment” will be disappointed by the post.

Cheers, everyone. Thanks for reading. –Dr. B.

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