Tin Tin DogBlog Looking for Great Pet Dating Service Names

Do we ever have the smartest, most creative dogs in the universe on Dogster? I think so... Check out this recent post on Tin Tin...
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Help Name A Pet Dating Site

Tin Tin

Do we ever have the smartest, most creative dogs in the universe on Dogster? I think so…

Check out this recent post on Tin Tin DogBlog, written by Dogster Tin Tin. Tin Tin has opened the floor up for names for an internet doggy dating service.

Put your tongue in your cheek and read what Tin Tin suggests.

Dog internet dating service: top 17 names

Right, so Im just back from my walk. When I take my mum for walks we sometimes meet dogs, but not always.

Ive been wondering how to meet other like-minded philosophadogs. I dont often get the chance to chew over important issues with friends.

(By the way, check back here often, because I will be posting pix of my friends soon.)

Oh my dog! A dog internet dating service would be a great idea.

What could I call it? Here are some ideas I came up with. I’m not sure which one I like best.

1. Doggylicious
2. Dogalicious
3. Romanceadog
4. DogE-Romance
5. E-DogLove
6. Petapet
7. AnimalLovers
8. Dogz Online
9. Oz Dogz Online (Onlead?)
10. Animals Online (AOL)
11. MateADate
12. DateAMate
13. DogNetLove
14. Bone2Bone
15. Puppy Love
16. Lets get woofy
17. Dogs On God (DOG) (this could be a theosophadog discussion forum)

What do you think? If you have any suggestions or comments Id love to hear from you. But please keep it clean, this is a family-friendly dogblog

Check out Tin Tin’s post by following this link.

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