Tibby the Extra-Fluffy Corgi Is a Luxurious Social Media Star

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For this week’s Social Dog, we’re going to get familiar with a pooch named Tibby. She’s been hitting the Facebook and Instagram scenes hard, and has been rewarded with a fan base of nearly 100,000 friends and followers, who all seem to be in awe of this overly fluffy Corgi.

Here’s your insider’s guide to Ms. Tibby Agnes Tibbles.

Vital stats

Image via Instagram.

Here are Tibby’s essential details in a nutshell: She’s a nearly 3-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who resides in Ontario, Canada. Officially, she is the same height as a women’s size seven shoe. That last part is considered very pertinent information when it comes to the lore of Tibby.

It’s just a fluffy thang

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Tibby is all about flaunting her fluffy status. Due to her heritage, she’s in possession of a recessive gene that does all sorts of scientific wonders to make her hair both longer and softer than your regular Corgi’s coat. Remember, kids, fluffy is a way of life.

Pass the lint roller

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When you’re dealing with an extra fluffy pooch, you’re also dealing with extra shedding shenanigans. As Tibby’s owner puts it, “It’s like living in a furry dust storm sometimes — if you cannot handle shedding, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi is not the breed for you.” So if you’re considering your own fluff-ball pooch, make sure to stock up on those Ikea lint rollers.

The grooming games

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When it comes to grooming a luxurious dog like Tibby, it is important to keep up regular weekly pamper sessions. Fine-comb brushing and a lather-rinse-repeat plan should do the trick.

Shake it


Here is a totally inclusive list of all of Tibby’s favorite hobbies, interests, and leisure pursuits, procured from very official sources:

Shaking booty, making music videos, werking it for the camera, chewing bones, chasing balls, sniffing butts, barking, and dominating larger dogs.

So, we’re basically talking about a Miley Cyrus music video come to life in canine form, right?

Queen of everything

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Tibby is one of the dog world’s rising stars on the social media scene, but she’s also managed to claim fame and awards out in the cold light of the real world. Most notably, she saw her status escalate when she was named the Haute Dog of the Queens Quay parade. Her winning outfit of choice? A mermaid costume.

The bunny hop

Image via Instagram.

At this point, you’re well aware that Tibby is proud to be a fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi. But there’s a little more to her animal makeup going on than you might at first believe. Technically, she’s “half lion, half Corgi” and “a pinch of bunny.” Quite the impressive beast, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Year of the … Corgi?

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Is our friend Tibby a superstitious pooch? Frankly, I’m not totally sure, although she was definitely enthusiastic about celebrating the Chinese New Year and is all about packing a positive attitude for 2016.

Check out more of Tibby’s adventures over at her Instagram and Facebook pages.

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