Thoughts on the Greatest American Dog

The popcorn was popped, the refreshments were poured and the treats readied just in time for the entire family to sit down and watch the...


The popcorn was popped, the refreshments were poured and the treats readied just in time for the entire family to sit down and watch the premiere episode of Americas Greatest Dog at the Hoefinger household last night. The excitement was hard to contain, especially when Coppers tail inadvertently knocked over Lisas Juicy Juice.

As the show started out, the first thing that struck me about the dogs was that, for the most part, they were just your average, run of the mill pets. I was encouraged to see the owners having a little difficulty controlling their dogs when they all first met. Cmon how funny was it to see the border collie climb over the fence and bolt into the pool? I loved that.

So why did this encourage me? Because I realized I may not be such a bad owner after all when it comes to controlling my dogs. Im sure many of you thought, like me, You know what, Meatball and I could be in this competition. And I think that was the intent.

In my humble opinion the show wasnt to showcase the most amazing dogs ever, but rather to show the greatest average dog we can all relate to. Wouldnt we have difficulty relating to a dog thats learned how to fly the Space Shuttle at the age of one? As I watched the show I kept thinking, HmmmI wonder if I could get Bo to do that? If they showed dogs flying a Space Shuttle I know Bo would never be able to do that, if only because he likes flying his Cessna so much.

Some random musings:

  1. In the first competition, the equivalent of musical chairs, why wasnt a party foul called on the dog who knocked the other one off the platform? It was pretty funny though, and apparently, not against the rules.
  2. How mean was it to stick Elvis and his owner into a doghouse, while the rest of the folks were living in the lap of luxury? These producers are cruel. It was a nice touch to see folks rally behind the pair and bring them food and blankets.
  3. The two dogs which I just loved watching were Presley, the Boxer, and Kenji the Giant Schnauzer. They are absolutely gorgeous.
  4. Anybody else thinking of making a dog bone shaped door for the master suite in their home?
  5. To me the judges made the wrong decision, based upon what was aired last night. Clearly Beacon and Brandy deserved to get the paw covered boot since the only thing they managed to do in the variety show wasuhmmnothing. Once again, based on what was aired.
  6. The initial episode lacked a little in terms of the human-canine bond, but I suspect as the number of participants are whittled down, well see a lot more of that. Or at least I hope we do.

Ill definitely be at the tube next week for more.

So those are some of my somewhat random thoughtskeep the comments coming.

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