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This Short Film Captures the Grief and Longing That Comes After Losing a Beloved Pet

Watch Shai Getzoff's touching "Six Feet," which he made after the passing of his family dog, Brandy.

Whitney C. Harris  |  Oct 27th 2016

Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy, but expressing your grief through art can often help. Just like filmmaker Shai Getzoff recently did by creating an animated short in honor of his dog, Brandy, who passed away after living with his family for more than 15 years.

“It took a while getting used to life without her,” Getzoff says. “It felt like she was always around, when in reality she wasn’t really there anymore.

“As a dog lover, I know how close and special our bond with our pets is,” he continued. “To me this was a way to say goodbye.”

Before you take a look, just know that seeing the palpable connection and serene warmth that Getzoff and his pup shared may move you to tears.

The film starts out subtle in its sentimentality, but it hits all those familiar notes of companionship, compassion, and longing as we see the protagonist’s best friend take a farewell journey, leaving behind only her collar and a vivid memory. It makes you think about the impact our pets have on our lives, and the form their souls may take once they’ve left this earth. To be sure, they are always among us, perhaps just beyond the limits of our collective imagination.

6 FEET from Shai Getzoff on Vimeo.