This Bonehead Set Up a Pot Factory Near a Police Dog Facility


Granted, someone who operates a warehouse expressly for the illegal growing and processing of marijuana is a grade-A bonehead for any number of reasons, but for our purposes (dogs!), our man in Vienna is a grade-A bonehead because he opened his marijuana warehouse next to a police dog facility.

Walter White, this guy ain’t.

Illegal cannabis factory via Shutterstock.

It happened in the Austrian capital of Vienna, in the Floridsdorf district. There had been a police facility in the area for quite some time. There had not been a marijuana warehouse, however, until our enterprising bonehead moved to town.

According to the AP, Vienna Police spokesperson Roman Hahslinger said the 27-year-old suspect “comes from outside Vienna and might not have known that a police facility was nearby.”

He might have been high!

Nevertheless, he got to work, stocking it with 734 marijuana plants. There was also a lot of other marijuana about, like 32 sacks stuffed with deep-frozen marijuana.

An impressive operation, to be sure. But with one glaring flaw: The nearby facility full of police dogs. One day, when the wind was right, one of those dogs “caught a whiff” of the plants, according to the AP. We imagine the dog glancing over at his handler with a look that said, “You plan on doing anything about the pot farm next door, boss?”

Police dog by Grisha Bruev / Shutterstock.

Police commenced surveillance and noticed our bonehead walking into the warehouse with a hose. They moved in and searched the place, finding the plants. The suspect is “denying wrongdoing,” which seems about right, considering his pattern of decision-making.

Now there is no more marijuana facility in the Floridsdorf district, where there is a police dog facility.

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