The Story Of Sunbear…If Only One Person Listened

On Friday I announced I was going to use the week between Christmas and New Year's to dedicate to those that make a huge difference...


On Friday I announced I was going to use the week between Christmas and New Year’s to dedicate to those that make a huge difference in a dog’s life.

The people behind the scenes who get no thanks or glory, and don’t expect it, but do what they do for their love of animals. I started by thanking Laurie Lyon’s and Kevin McCartin, the founders of Canine Corps. Today I want to thank Anna Nirva who is the founder of Sunbear Squad.

Every Monday I post a tip from Sunbear Squad, but I want to take a moment to share the story behind the organization. The story is a heartbreaking one, about a chocolate Labrador Retriever who was left to starve to death.

About Sunbear

Sunbear was a young male chocolate Labrador Retriever in a West Virginia town. One summer day in 2002, his owner locked him into a dark townhouse laundry room, and walked away forever. Incredibly, he was alone in the dark without food and water for
6 endless weeks before he was discovered.

How Did it Happen?

Sunbear’s owner intended to give him to a farm family, but communication broke down somehow. Nobody picked up poor Sunbear. Sunbear’s owner did not call the family to check on how he was adapting to his new home, a simple act taking 5 minutes that would have uncovered the miscommunication and saved his life. No, Sunbear’s owner forgot all about him.
Couldn’t Anyone Help Him?

Did Sunbear bark and whine desperately for help, as he waited in the dark? Did his excellent hearing tell him that people were nearby in adjoining townhouses? Did he smell the 20 lb. bag of dog food that sat right outside the laundry room door? Did he dream about his beloved owner opening the door and rescuing him?

If only one person had heard Sunbear whining and barking during those endless days of starvation, he would be alive today.

Out of this tragedy one woman, Anna Nirva, decided to stand up and make a difference that would change animal lovers into welfare defenders. Stop by Sunbear Squad to read the full, and very sad, story of Sunbear and to find valuable tools for helping to identify and responsibly report signs of animal abuse and neglect.

Compassion has eyes and ears to sense suffering, hands to relieve it, a heart to sooth it, and a voice to cry out against it-forcing the world to listen.

Anna Nirva, we here at Dogster salute you. We give you 5 out of 5 paws!

* The picture of Buster is courtesy Sunbear Squad.

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