The Search Has Ended: It’s a Boy!

Jim and I have selected a breeder and are looking forward to bringing our new Saint Bernard puppy home in two short weeks. I will...


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Jim and I have selected a breeder and are looking forward to bringing our new Saint Bernard puppy home in two short weeks. I will be traveling across the country and flying him home with me in the first week of August. Since we are not yet sure which of the litter will be coming home with us, for now dogsters and we Lomonacos as well must deal with a bit of suspense.

We’re both quite giddy with excitement at the prospect – I’ve never seen or spent time with a Saint Bernard puppy but have spent plenty of time drooling over the pictures of these little babies. As I look around my house, I think of the things I need to do to prepare for the young man’s arrival.

First, I need to do laundry. A sock or two here or there is no problem for Mokie who ignores them, but will be tempting chew toys for a new puppy. Laundry on the floor when puppies running around is a big no-no, why tempt fate? Next, we’ll need to relocate our shoes to the office, where the door can be shut, to prevent my new puppy from thinking shoes are fun chews. I’ll also need to go around and make sure that all papers are picked up, electric cords are secured, and that I have chew toys in every room. Clean out and ready the crate, reinstall the baby gates.

I’ll need to call the veterinarian’s office today and schedule his first check up. I’ll also warn her that we plan on stopping by often for “fun visits” so that he can learn going to the vet’s is, more often than not, a really fun experience!

Then, I’ll need to go shopping. Things I’ll need to buy include:

  • Chew toys – bully sticks, antlers, puppy sized Kongs, and perhaps a Nylabone or two.
  • A new puppy harness – I very much like front clip harnesses, especially the Easy Walk and the SENSE-ation harness.
  • Nature’s Miracle – It’s always good to be prepared to clean up puppy accidents with an enzymatic cleaner designed specifically for that purpose.
  • Meat! – Lucky for me, our new puppy’s breeder is already feeding the puppy raw, but I need to clean out and restock my freezers before his arrival!
  • Treats – I will want to be well-stocked with healthy treats so that I can do lots of training with my new puppy and with Mokie as well to help her adjust to the new addition.
  • Band-aids – I think puppies were designed to be so cute so that we would forgive them for carrying a mouth full of razors for the first months of their lives. I plan on doing a lot of work with my puppy to help him learn to use his mouth appropriately and that human skin is very delicate, but I also work with enough puppies to know that it’s not a bad idea to keep band-aids around the house.
  • New car harness – I have much better peace of mind while driving if I know that my dogs are safely restrained in an impact-tested car harness. This boy will have to ride in style with Mokie, strapped securely into the van’s seatbelt system.

I’m lucky enough to have lots of existing collateral. I already have gates, crates, leashes, lots of puzzle toys, grooming supplies, slobber rags, freezers waiting to be filled with raw meat, squeaky toys, plush toys, balls to chase, a great kiddy pool waiting for a puppy to romp around in, a place to take him to puppy classes. (When his breeder said she requested he attend puppy class I had to laugh – my puppy will be teaching puppy class!) Nonetheless, readying the house for his arrival will be a whirlwind, and I keep thinking of more things to add to the list.

Rest assured, we’ll be talking about puppies a lot in the next few weeks and months! Until then, I have puppy preparations to make!

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