The Eleventh Hour

I received a message from Dogster member Carol that really hit home. On Friday in Wheaton, MO there is a dog auction that will be...


I received a message from Dogster member Carol that really hit home. On Friday in Wheaton, MO there is a dog auction that will be taking place to sell off puppy mill dogs. If you’re wondering what a dog auction is you’re not alone. It wasn’t until we got our Berner Logan that I even heard of such a thing.

Our boy Logan was bought at auction by the Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition (BARC). He was around 4-years-old , lived his whole life in a 2×4 cage, had been horribly mistreated and used as a stud dog at a puppy mill. The breeder decided he was no longer worth keeping and discarded him as a flea and tick infested 64 pound sack of garbage. If BARC hadn’t come along he could have been bought by someone else who would have abused him, or if he went unsold most likely he’d have been put down.

So when you read this story keep in mind it’s about donating to save the life of an innocent dog, not to put money in the mill owners bank accounts. Sometimes to do the right thing you have to look at the end result, in this case saving a life, and not focus on how you got there.

As some of you may know, we protested Jessie’s Pet Paradise (whose owner is now in the criminal court system for – among other things – animal cruelty). The mill supplying Jessie’s was Prairie Bark Kennels in downtown Denver. The fact that this mill was in the middle of Denver outraged many dog lovers.

Without the pet store selling his animals, PBK cannot make it financially. So they are liquidating the animals at the SW Kennel auction in Wheaton, Missouri.

We are raising funds to help buy back’ some of the old and feeble dogs at auction. A mill auction expert will help bid on our dogs. $20 will buy an old dog who otherwise might be discarded (murdered). Any and all money collected will be used to buy dogs and bring them back to Colorado where shelters and rescues are waiting to take them in and change their lives forever. No longer will they live in cages but will have the chance to be adopted into loving home.

Now I know what you are all thinking and thanks for even reading this. You are thinking no money should be given to these mill owners. Believe me we understand but many of us have laid awake at night thinking about this mill. We have worked with Isaac at Denver Animal Control and he has been going in there almost weekly advocating for these dogs. Some of us have gone down to PBK and have had dogs brought out from the back room and we have seen how feeble they are, how afraid of humans they are.

And somewhere, somehow people have got to stop it. Coloradans are coming together as never before to stop these dogs laboring away in puppy mills in Missouri.

Enough is enough.

Please help raise awareness about this issue happening in our own backyard. Auction is Friday, May 8th. RMAD is a charity so donations are tax deductible.

Please make checks out to RMAD-Dog Auction.
Rocky Mountain Animal Defense
2525 Arapahoe Ave #E4-335 * Boulder CO 80302

If you’re not sure about donating all I ask is that you look at the picture of our boy Logan. That’s what your money goes for, a second chance at life. You can donate online, just put Dog Auction in the notes.

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