That Dood Squad is a famous group of various doodles who are known for their modeling skills.

That Dood Squad: The Ultimate Photoshoot of Doodles

That Dood Squad is a group of various types of doodles belonging to seven best girlfriends in Atlanta who throw some pawsome photoshoots.
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All dogs are adorable, but sometimes you run into one (or a group of them) with a little more of the squee factor. A perfect example? That Dood Squad, a group of various types of doodles belonging to seven best girlfriends in Atlanta who meet up at least once a month for brunch and mimosas — and to take epic photos of the dogs.

How That Dood Squad Got Started

Follow the adventures at and on Instagram at @ThatDoodSquad.
Follow the adventures at and on Instagram.

I spoke to human group member Kim McNamara to get the scoop. She told me that the group got started after several organized doodle meetups. “Of the over 200 dogs who participate in the meetups, our pups seemed to play with each other the second they met,” she says. “We all chuckled about it, and the bond was formed.”

They began adventuring around Atlanta together looking for dog-friendly spots and fun photo ops.

The Doods Behind That Dood Squad

The canine part of the group consists of seven doodles: Addie, Cedar, two Charlies, Lola, Packer and Sheldon. Four of them (Addie, one of the Charlies, Packer and Sheldon) are certified therapy dogs who visit hospitals, rehabilitation centers and senior living facilities with Happy Tails Pet Therapy.

The dogs definitely get noticed when they’re out and about. “People stop, traffic stops, cameras and phones come out,” Kim says. How do they get all the dogs to keep still long enough for one of those epic photos? The quick answer: “Stay!”

Kim says they’re fairly certain that the dogs all must think their name is Stay. But in all seriousness, the dogs are well-behaved, well-socialized and all have passed their Canine Good Citizen Tests. “They know when it’s time to work or pose,” Kim says. And in exchange, they get extra love, treats and playtime.

Their newfound fame hasn’t gone to the dogs’ heads. Kim says the pups just want treats and to be allowed to run and play with their mates, while the women giggle and worry about becoming stage mothers.

Kim told me that the main goal is to bring smiles to faces. It certainly seems to be working!

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