Tennessee Bobo’s Fate to Be Decided December 29th

Thanks to Sandi and Kenyon for passing this on to the blog! I need some help. I am a Powell, TN resident who has watched...


Thanks to Sandi and Kenyon for passing this on to the blog!

I need some help. I am a Powell, TN resident who has watched with great interest as well as great horror the developments in Bobo’s tragic story of being dragged behind his owner’s SUV for a mile. Link to story.

I called LaFollette Veterinary Services yesterday and was told that Susan Baird not only didn’t show any remorse, but she has not checked on her dog since his trauma. She is charged with animal cruelty, a misdemeanor. That really just seems like a slap on the wrist considering the pain and suffering she has caused. I have been in touch with the Small Breed Rescue of East TN. Happily they have brought Bobo home with them for the holiday weekend. SBRET says there is a possibility the judge could send Bobo back home with the woman who dragged him behind her SUV. It will only be a misdemeanor crime as the charges say the dragging was unintentional. The animal control officer says she is unrepentant, and the vets office says she hasn’t even called to check on her dog. We are praying the judge does not send Bobo home with this evil woman. My contact at SBRET says that the more people who show up at the courthouse the better.

I plan to be there, and I’m trying to get the word out to any dog loving friends in the area with the hopes we can make a showing for Bobo. The hearing is set for Dec. 29 at 9 am at the Campbell County Courthouse. Tell all your friends, post this on your favorite forums and show up if you can. If you can’t go, PRAY hard. Dogster people have proven time after time that
we are a force to be reckoned with. Let’s do it again for Bobo. Thanks,

Here’s the article mentioned and linked to above.

UPDATE: Bo-Bo goes to a foster home for the holidays

Little Bo-Bo’s face tells a sad tale, but it’s the one wagging behind him that’s telling the story everyone was hoping to hear.

“He says, ‘I’m feeling so much better,'” Dr. Babbi Dilbeck explained.

Dr. Dilbeck is as happy as her little patient, now that she knows he is going to live.

The 10-pound Chihuahua mix was a mess last week, after he was dragged a mile down the road, when his owner went to pick up her children from school.

Susan Baird faces a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty. She has not returned phone calls from 10News.

Dozens of concerned viewers called and e-mailed 10News about Bo-Bo, even a U.S. soldier fighting in Afghanistan.

The LaFollette Veterinary Clinic has also been inundated with calls. It’s even received “Get Well” cards and holiday messages for Bo-Bo.

“Never ever in a million years did I dream this little dog would have such a big story,” Dr. Dilbeck said. “Maybe it’s got to do with the season.”

While Bo-Bo’s raw, pink patches may still look a little scary, the vet said they’re actually good signs that he’s healing.

Soon, new skin and hair will replace some of his scars.

“He said, ‘I’ll never be scar-less, but I’m not going to look as much like Frankenstein as people might think,'” Dr. Dilbeck explained.

Bo-Bo’s bowl is another sign he’s doing better. He’s now eating on his own and taking his medicine.

“He had the saddest look on his face of any dog I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of sad dogs,” Tyrine Hawthorne said.

Hawthorne, the President of the Small Breed Rescue Group of East Tennessee is hoping to make Bo-Bo even happier.

Once his re-attached ears are wrapped to protect them from being shaken loose, Hawthorne will take Bo-Bo to her home for the holidays.

“He can have a little white meat turkey for Christmas,” Dr. Dilbeck advised. “No ham or fatty dark meat and that goes for all dogs.”

Hawthorne is Bo-Bo’s temporary foster mom.

“He gets a ton of attention here from people walking by,” Hawthorne said of the vet’s office. “But at night I’ll be there.”

So, Bo-Bo won’t be alone on Christmas.

He’ll have his own stocking, shaped like a dog’s paw, not a person’s foot.

Plus, the little red-nosed Chihuahua has his own brand new bed.

Bo-Bo is not up for adoption. A judge will decide his and his owner’s fate Friday, December 29.

In the meantime, the LaFollette Veterinary Clinic is counting on donations to help cover Bo-Bo’s healthcare costs. Bo-Bo’s vet bill was at $1,600.

Any extra money from donations will go to the local shelter.

The LaFollette Veterinary Clinic can be reached at (423)562-0060

Follow this link to watch the video.

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