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Take Your Dog to Work Day 2024: How & When to Celebrate

Written by: Jessica Kim

Last Updated on May 29, 2024 by Dogster Team

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Take Your Dog to Work Day 2024: How & When to Celebrate

Since canines are the titleholders of “Man’s Best Friend,” it’s no surprise that people love having any reason to celebrate and shower their dogs with love and affection. You can find several dog events scheduled throughout the year, including Take Your Dog to Work Day. This holiday is held every year on the Friday after Father’s Day. So in 2024, Take Your Dog to Work Day will be on June 21.

Not all workplaces celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day, though, and some may have strict pet policies. So, here’s what you need to know to introduce or observe this fun holiday at your own workplace.

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History of Take Your Dog to Work Day

The first Take Your Dog to Work Day happened in 1999. This holiday was started by Pet Sitters International (PSI). PSI is an organization that supports professional pet sitters by providing educational resources for excellent pet-sitting practices.

Take Your Dog to Work Day was initially launched to raise awareness of the benefits of dog companionship and the importance of dog adoptions. Since then, the holiday has continued to support canines, pet ownership, and animal welfare.

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How to Celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day

If you’re interested in hosting a Take Your Dog to Work Day celebration at your own workplace, you can request a free toolkit from PSI. Here are additional practical tips for celebrating this holiday safely at work.

1. Know Your Workplace’s Pet Policy

Not all businesses will allow pets on their property. Some employers have valid reasons, such as pet allergies or the potential destruction of property. Pets can also end up being a distraction at work and reduce workplace productivity. So, before enacting Take Your Dog to Work Day, make sure to speak with your employer to determine if any exceptions can be made for just one day.

2. Promote Fundraising

It’s often helpful to promote Take Your Dog to Work Day as a fundraising or community event. Companies may be more willing to participate if there’s a charitable component. You can offer to find partnerships with local dog adoption agencies or do a fundraising campaign. If your company has social media accounts, make sure to offer to take photos and videos that can be posted on these accounts.

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3. Schedule in Advance

It takes a significant amount of prep work to plan a fun and safe Take Your Dog to Work Day. Try working with your company’s event planning committee or form your own. You’ll have to consider all the moving parts that are involved in celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day. You’ll need to have a formal set of pet policies and rules that all employees must follow to ensure that everyone and their dogs are safe. These rules must include dog-safe zones, as well as dog-free zones.

You’ll also have to come up with a dog registration process so all dogs are accounted for. Make sure to request proof of vaccination with dog registrations and have rules set in place to remove any dogs that may create an unsafe working environment. It’s best to involve your employer or company’s HR department in all rule-making processes.

Another important part of Take Your Dog to Work Day is scheduling fun events that employees and dogs can participate in together. You may host an outdoor lunch party or have a puppy pool party near the end of the workday. It can also be fun to have a dog costume contest or a photo contest.

4. Prepare Your Workspace

Make sure that your workspace is dog friendly. Place a comfortable bed near your desk, and stock your drawers with your dog’s favorite treats. Bring some of your dog’s favorite toys that they can play with while you work. You may want to consider bringing calming chews or supplements to help your dog relax.

It’s also a smart move to have cleaning supplies available in a public location of your workplace. Even the most well-trained dogs can have accidents, especially if they’re in a new environment. Some useful cleaning supplies include disposable gloves, stain remover spray, paper towels, and doggy poop bags.

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5. Prepare Your Dog

Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise before you take them to work. This will help them to stay calm and be less likely to interrupt you while you work. It can also be helpful to bring your pet to the outside premises of your workplace a couple of times beforehand so they become familiar with it.

It’s also helpful to schedule your day so it includes plenty of breaks for your dog. You can use these breaks as potty breaks or play sessions for your pet to exert any excess energy.

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Take Your Dog to Work Day is a fun holiday that can also raise awareness and support dog adoptions. You can fill this day with many fun activities that you, your dog, and your coworkers can all enjoy. It does take a significant amount of time to plan, so just make sure to start planning as soon as possible if you’d like your workplace to participate in this holiday.

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