Take 5 with HQ – Our Pup Staycation Tips!

The current economic situation means that a lot of people are not going to be traveling with their dogs this year, but will be hanging...

The current economic situation means that a lot of people are not going to be traveling with their dogs this year, but will be hanging out at home and having fun in the neighborhood instead.

Have no fear! This is not a bad thing, my furry friends – it’s a chance to once again focus on the little things we really love about our pets and thoroughly enjoy the friendship, fun and comfort that our best friends provide.

So we sat down today at Dogster HQ and came up with five simple things that you can do for your dog this summer when you both feel like it’s time for a little break. And the best thing about all five is the price tag: FREE! Here’s our list:

#1. Brush it out. Not only do most dogs enjoy being brushed, but they of course need it as well. Getting out tangles in long-haired dogs will please the both of you, while short-haired dogs benefit from the massage and cleaning aspects that a good brushing provides. Brushing can also prove to be therapeutic for you as well. The rhythmic motions and the soothing nature of the actions can prove to be just the kind of relaxing break you deserve.

#2. Be a visitor. Why not take your dog to a place where people can’t or don’t own dogs? There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing senior citizens or hospitalized individuals light up at the sight of a dog. Studies have shown, as well, that the therapeutic benefits of canine contact are many, so while your dog has fun meeting new people and the new people enjoy petting your dog, you will feel great about lending a helping hand.

#3. Take a nap! Let’s face it – how often have you looked over at your pooch, sleeping on the couch or curled up under a tree and thought, “Oh, how I wish I was doing that right now…” ? Well, what are you waiting for? Curling up next to your dog on the sofa or (if he or she is allowed) on the bed, is something that both of you will benefit from. Your dog will appreciate your proximity and you will love the time-out. And don’t forget – dogs are pretty darned good at sleeping – you could learn a few things from yours!

#4. Make a play date. Don’t just play with your dog… PLAY with your dog! Set aside an uninterrupted time when you can really get down, get dirty and play with your dog. Tossing a ball and walking around the block are also great activities, but your dog will love it if you get down on your hands and knees so that you can really have fun with each other. Being down on your dog’s level will not only reinforce your friendly relationship, but it will remind you of what it’s actually like to be down there all the time! If you can’t get down on your dog’s level, find a neighborhood kid or a nearby family member who can. Your dog will thank you for it!

#5. Park it. Even if this is something that you already are in the habit of doing, it’s worth bringing up and worth trying to do even more of this summer. The bottom line on this one is: dogs LOVE parks. It’s great to get out to a place where the sights and smells are new and exciting, and a dog can run his or her little heart out. If you live in the country, you LIVE in a park, of course, so this is just a reminder to get out there and have fun!

#6. Shut it down. Hey wait a minute… you said FIVE things! Well, #6 is not technically on the list, but the five things above aren’t possible unless you start with #6… Turn off the PC, power down the laptop, walk slowly (but surely) away from the Mac. Believe me, this is gonna hurt us more than it does you… 😉 As much as we love the Internets, and as much as we love Dogster, AND as much as we know that you do, too – getting a little one-on-one time with your BFF is best accomplished offline.

So take a break right now and do one of the five things listed above.

Got your own staycation tips? Let us know in the comments!

The dogs seen here enjoying their staycations are Sherpa, Liberty, Griffin, Moxie, Sadie Boo and lee.loo lebowski

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