SWASH London’s 2012 Scarves Sneak Dogs Into High Fashion

Designers Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka love including their Whippet, Candy, in their work. And we love them for it.
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We love when designers can admit to being a wee bit obsessed with their pets, but even more impressive is when they manage to consistently sneak them into their art. Sarah Swash and Toshio Yamanaka, the design duo behind the UK-based label SWASH London, have made a muse out of their Whippet, Candy, who not only graces their logo but has also made a cameo in most of their hand-drawn and painted creations.

We at Dogster check in on SWASH season after season, if only to see where the outfit will position Candy next.

SWASH is known for its elegant, oversized silk scarves, and our favorites from the spring and fall lines are –surprise, surprise — those that feature the label’s canine muse with prominence.

“Across the Seven Seas” was the theme for this year’s spring collection, and in it, Candy gets to float in the “Honolulu” print’s bright yellow pool ring and sit pretty among the pastels in the “Orient Express” print.

The label’s fall collection takes the theme “Phantasies,” and each print follows Candy through increasingly strange dreams that involve the inner workings of clocks and lounging about with woodland creatures.

We’ll take one of each! But first we’ll need a hefty raise.

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