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All of us on Dogster love dogs, we care about their health and safety. Now, with a little help from Sunbear Squad founder Anna Nirva,...

All of us on Dogster love dogs, we care about their health and safety. Now, with a little help from Sunbear Squad founder Anna Nirva, we can learn how to step up to the plate and go that extra step.

Find out what it takes to ‘Be A Good Samaritan For Animals‘, how to take action that could make the difference in saving a dog’s life.

Dogster members really care about the well-being of dogs. We’ve seen you take action over and over again to help a needy dog from a distance. Dogster folks are amazing!!! I’m talking about you!!!

Would you like to help animals in your own neighborhood or on your road? Start your own Neighborhood Watch for pets with a bit of support from Sunbear Squad, the online resource that Animal Good Samaritans turn to for knowledge, tools, and inspiration.

A Neighborhood Watch program is just a monthly look (and listen) at all the neighborhood dogs and cats. You get to know them and their families. When you see a problem or potential problem, you take appropriate action to protect animals from harm or even save lives. Eventually, your neighbors learn to regard you as the “go-to person” for animal questions, which can result in some new and wonderful friendships.

The most common issues involve stray animals and wandering animals owned by neighbors. Because you know all of the neighborhood animals, you know if they are strays or just wanderers, and you can take appropriate action for your neighborhood and municipality. I believe many of our readers are doing this already, informally. Strengthen these efforts by starting a true Neighborhood Watch.

Read about setting up a route, telling your neighbors, telling your shelter leadership, and learning about the signs of abuse and neglect. Then, download Neighborhood Watch tools, print, and post, or you can request a Neighborhood Watch starter kit from Sunbear Squad. These kits are FREE to all Dogster Blog readers who order them through Feb. 15th, unless materials run out sooner. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Then write to Dogster Blog about your true-life experiences, Write to Sunbear Squad too, so your stories can be posted on their Rescue Stories page.

Readers, make a difference in your own neighborhood. You have the power to save lives. Resolve to make 2009 the most rewarding year yet!

Dealing with animal abuse and cruelty is never an easy subject, it’s much easier to look the other way in hopes someone else will deal with it. The problem is that change doesn’t start with someone else, it starts with you. Each of us must take responsibility, no matter how small the action, and become the voice of those who have none.

One small action, like a phone call to the proper authorities, can make all the difference.

“We must become the change we want to see.”

Mahatma Gandhi quotes

Thank you to Anna for being such a wonderful and compassionate animal lover. For giving freely of her time to animals in need, and for teaching others how to make a difference.

Don’t miss out on the chance to get your FREE Neighborhood Watch Kit, get those paws typing. Please pass this post on to all your friends and animal lovers, help get the word out.

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