Leaked Footage from “Star Wars VII” Reveals a “Banthapug”

OK, not really. But Disney, if you're listening, we'd really like to see a Banthapug in the next episode of Star Wars.


Hey, do you know Chubbs the Wampug? You don’t? Well, now you’ll never forget her.

Chubbs was originally named Viva Las Vegas, but that’s a lot of syllables, so now she’s just Chubbs. Take one look at her and we think you’ll agree: Chubbs suits her more.

Chubbs’ human, Kristen, really loves Star Wars. She has a Star Wars-themed YouTube channel that features, yup, you guessed it, Chubbs the Wampug.

You might ask, “Huh, a Wampug? I’ve never heard of that kind of breed of dog, and I know everything, so what gives?” Well, you can learn something new every day. The Wampug is a rare breed of dog that occurred when a Wampa Ice Creature from The Empire Strikes Back had a baby with a Pug, the resulting offspring being Chubbs, the Wampug. There’s only one in existence, and that’s all there will ever be, because Chubbs is fixed! Ah!

Just kidding. There’s no such thing as a Wampug. But there is Chubbs, who is just a Pug who gets to dress up as Star Wars creatures. In her latest endeavor, Chubbs is turned into a Bantha, one of the hairy elephant-like creatures that Sand People ride in A New Hope.

Look at him go! We really hope Disney will consider using this sort of special effects in the new Star Wars instead of all that cheesy CGI.

Photos via the Chubbs the Wampug Facebook page

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