Stallone’s Wife Neutered Dog

When I saw the headline above on a news story, I cringed, wondering how Sylvester Stallone's wife had accomplished such a gory feat without being...
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Stallone's wife and daughters backstage during a taping of The Late Show last night. He says his unneutered dog helped balance all the "female energy" in his house.

When I saw the headline above on a news story, I cringed, wondering how Sylvester Stallone’s wife had accomplished such a gory feat without being a vet, and why she’d take matters into her own hands like this.

But after further reading of the story, I will have to assume that the headline and article are just worded poorly, and that his wife, former model Jennifer Flavin, did not actually neuter the Catahoula leopard dog with her own hands. I’m pasting the story below, so you can see what I’m talking about. (The part about his dog’s colorful reproductive system — yuck!)

Stallone’s Wife Neutered DogGYI0050790338.jpg

Action man SYLVESTER STALLONE was shocked when he returned home from the set of his last RAMBO film to discover his wife had neutered his male dog without his consent.

The tough guy, who shares three daughters with his wife, former model Jennifer Flavin, admits he was desperate for a strong male companion to combat all of the female energy at home, and he bought himself the most rugged dog he could find before he went off to make the 2008 war movie.

He says, “Everything in the house is female… I’d like to have one male companion. I looked in the dog thesaurus and it says, ‘Catahoula leopard dog, raised in the swamps of New Orleans, considered the thug of the canine world.’ I said that’s it. I got a thug dog.

“He’s got crystal eyes, they’re kind of off-center. This dog, he’s going to do some terrible things.”

But Stallone was stunned when his wife took away the dog’s manhood.

He explains, “Unfortunately, he had this thing with his body, his reproductive system is kind of reddish – like mistletoe, like holly.

“My wife said, ‘This is clashing with my drapes!’ I go off to do Rambo and I come back and my dog as now been turned into a chipette. I said, ‘What happened to the package?!'”

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