Squirrels, with Gravy

Maybe it's because we live in the city, but Jake isn't allowed to chase squirrels. I know it's frustrating for him, and if he could...


Maybe it’s because we live in the city, but Jake isn’t allowed to chase squirrels. I know it’s frustrating for him, and if he could curse, he surely would. But we don’t chase varmints in San Francisco. It’s just too Granny Clampett.

But only last week, an acquaintance told me — out of the blue, mind you — that squirrels are delicious. “They’re the best meat I’ve ever had. They’re like butter!” he drooled.

“You are crazy,” the thought balloon above my head said. (My mouth simply said, “Oh.”)

The Clampetts knew their squirrels...

And then I stumbled upon the above video. I have to keep it from Jake, because he’d be on the first plane to Tennessee if he saw it. It’s about these happy-looking “feist dogs,” who live to tree squirrels.

Their person eats the rodents fried, with gravy.

It’s weird (to a San Franciscan, at least). And the training squirrel is to be pitied. But this “daa-ohg” video is a look into a culture most Dogsters might not know about. Yes, people do eat squirrels on purpose in some places. And no, their names aren’t all Billy Bob. The hunter here has a very normal moniker — Mike Bridges. (You can learn more about Bridges and his squirrel dogs by clicking here.)

Uh-oh, Jake is coming. I have to hide the video. But y’all come back now, hear?

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