Special Needs Pet Feature: Fiona McSnuggles

There are so many caring pet parents out there who take care of special needs pets. To bring more attention to these joyful animals, and...


There are so many caring pet parents out there who take care of special needs pets. To bring more attention to these joyful animals, and extraordinary people, this is a new feature to my blog. If you care for a special needs pet and would like your pet featured, please email me through mywebsite contact. Send a photo and I will forward the questionnaire for your pet to be featured in an upcoming post.

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What is your pets name?

Fiona McSnuggles

How old is your pet?

Approximately five years old

Where did you get your pet?

She was adopted from the Shelby County Animal Shelter in Shelbyville, KY

What is your pets physical challenge?

She has no eyes. They were removed a little over a year ago since they were painful and non operational.

What is your pets favorite thing to do?

Snuggle time with anyone that will pick her up.

What is your pets favorite thing to eat?

She isnt very food motivated but likes soft treats best.

What do you love most about your pet?

The way she walks around wagging her tail, being a happy dog all the time.

What has your pet most taught you?

Nothing is impossible if you want it. She has no fear and will climb and jump all over the furniture.

Anything else youd like to share?

She is a great example of making the best out of a bad situation. We were afraid that she would be nippy or fearful since shes blind but shes the happiest little dog and just wants to be loved. Shes a doll baby and so loving. When she was originally examined by the vet in KY, the shelter was told that she had incurable cancer that would soon take her life. They took her home to live with them but she got better. When we adopted her, we still thought she had cancer since there was no follow up X-ray. My vet called with the great news-no cancer! As a matter of fact, she was incredibly healthy. My vet thinks is was severe pneumonia that was just mis-diagnosed. Lucky for her that the shelter had such a compassionate director who gave her a chance and a No Kill group that paid for her surgeries. Shes a shining example of how No Kill shelters save lives and how life is what you make of it.

Please note that Fionna McSnuggles is also a registered therapy dog providing love and joy to the elderly and patients at hospitals. No doubt in my mind that Fionna snuggles right into the hearts of those she meets!

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