South Carolina Golden Retriever Sunshine Grieves at Grave of Guardian

What a faithful furbaby and what a great reminder to us all to make plans for them if something should happen to us! Thanks to...


What a faithful furbaby and what a great reminder to us all to make plans for them if something should happen to us!

Thanks to Tina, Roxy and Stator’s furmom, for barking in about this story!

Dog sat at owner’s grave
Journey to cemetery a mystery since home about 7 miles away
By Peggy Mishoe
For The Sun News

Two days after Eartha Bodger was buried in a cemetery in the Duford community, Luther Enzor spotted a starving little dog lying on her grave.

“She was so thin, you could count every rib,” said Enzor, who lives nearby and was gathering straw when he saw the dog.

Someone told him the dog was Bodger’s, but Bodger had lived more than seven miles away, so it seemed impossible.

Enzor tried to coax the little golden retriever off the grave, but she wouldn’t budge. For several days in October, he and his grandson, Christopher Enzor, fed her and tried to get her to go with them.

“She was skittish of us, and she never left the cemetery,” said Christopher.

One rainy day, Enzor and Christopher built a shelter, picked her up and put her under it, but as they were leaving, they looked back, and she was on the grave again. She was still there in the days following.

“I felt so sorry for her, I didn’t know what to do. I just could not leave her there,” Enzor said.

Finally, he picked her up and took her home. Christopher named her Biscuit and made an adoption certificate for her. They thought she had mange, but instead she had insect bites all over her body.

So far, Enzor has paid more than $600 in veterinary fees for her care. Now she is healing, gaining weight and having fun with his two big dogs. And when Christopher, who lives nearby, makes one of his frequent visits to his grandparents, she gets to play with him, too.

Paula Bodger of Loris said it is indeed her mother’s dog, though how she found her way to Eartha Bodger’s grave is a mystery.

Eartha Bodger raised the dog from a puppy. She named her Sunshine, loved her and took good care of her, Paula Bodger said. When her mother unexpectedly died and was taken to a Mullins funeral home, Sunshine disappeared.

“It’s kind of strange to me,” said Paula Bodger. “I’m so happy that little boy’s got the little dog. It was a miracle from God that his granddaddy found it for him. That little boy has my heart. I’ve got him in my prayers, and I’ll always be thinking about him and his little dog.”

Sunshine, now called Biscuit and about 10 months old, was taken back to the cemetery for the first time recently.

Enzor lifted her out of the car. She was shivering. Her ears drooped, she tucked her tail between her legs, wrinkled her forehead above sad eyes and lost all resemblance to the happy little dog she had been in Enzor’s yard.

As she sat by Bodger’s grave, Christopher knelt beside her, and she turned her face up and licked his cheek.

Back home with the Enzors she was again a playful puppy.

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