Best of the Web: You Would Not Believe the Things People Say to Service Dog Owners

Every Friday, Dogster's social media gal, Anna Zeman, rounds up the best of the dogcentric Web (outside the awesomeness found right here on Dogster). In...

Last Updated on May 30, 2023 by Dogster Team

Happy Furrday, friends! As promised, Ive spent the week collecting all the greatest pup content on the web for you. This week there was a wide range of things that tickled my fancy, made me cry, or really got my goat:

+ This Is My Goat.

Please dont try to get” him. He is much deeper than you. I know he’s not a dog, but I really couldn’t resist.

+ Edie Only Wanted a Hug
Edie the Maltese was scheduled to be euthanized (Im assuming due to her reactive, aggressive behavior), but one man wouldnt let that happen.

It turns out that all Edie needed was a hug. Watch this short video and see what happened. Youre gonna cry — just embrace it.

+ Squeaky Bullworm Puppies

+ 20 Happiest Dogs

You seriously cannot help but smile when you look at these pups.

+ Nose Key Chains

These are ridiculously expensive but absolutely adorable. They look so real! I want to kiss them.

Shit People Say to Service Dog Handlers

I dont have a service dog, but I can imagine how accurate this is.

+ Mitt Romney Is a Jerk
Im not trying to get all political on you, but the leading Republican candidate for president strapped the family dog to the top of his car for a 12-hour road trip and when the dog inevitably defecated in its crate, he hosed down dog and crate and carried on with the trip. I think jerk is being generous.

+ Little Apple Dome Eating Ice Cream

Everything about this makes me happy. I actually screamed out loud when I saw this. Yeah, Im a real pleasure to work with.

Anna Zeman is a Social Media Monkey Scientist Strategist at SAY Media (Dogster and Catster’s pawrent company). She is pro-smooshed-faces, pro-kawaii, and anti-animal testing.

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