Uhhh, Fabulous? Socialite Michele Riggi and Her 35 Dogs Are Getting a Reality TV Show

How do the rich on this "docusoap" differ from you and me? They have more dogs, for one.

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It was recently announced that some rich socialite is getting her own reality show on the E! network. Granted, this happens every 10 minutes in America. We’re only telling you about this one because you want to be ready for it.

Here’s how the Hollywood Reporter describes the show, which will star Michele Riggi and her husband, Ron. See if you can catch the part that you will have to be ready for:

Through the eyes of the outrageous family who lives there and the staff that run it, this new docusoap takes viewers inside a unique, luxurious world filled with eccentric personalities and gives viewers a glimpse into a jaw dropping, elaborate 24,000-square-foot family estate in upstate New York that boasts an authentic English pub, Balinese wellness spa and perfectly heated lawn that is designed to keep the paws of the family’s 35 dogs warm year-round.

There it is. Thirty-five dogs. And she’s not a hoarder. She’s just an incredibly rich person who has a heated lawn for her 35 dogs.

“It’s such a unique life they’re living. It was begging to be a reality show,” John D’Auria, CEO and executive producer of AEP Media, told the TimesUnion.com.

The show is currently “in development” and hasn’t yet started filming, so it might not happen. But it probably will, because it has to. Thirty-five dogs, all spoiled within an inch of their lives. Here’s some facts about these dogs that we discovered in a profile of the couple in the TimesUnion.com last year. They’re pretty good:

  • Riggi has a 2-inch-thick binder for each dog filled with veterinarian records, pictures, and a detailed canine narrative.
  • She refers to her dogs as “divas” and gives them names such as Hairy Winston, Coco Chanel, and Valentina.
  • She is fond of saying, “I have a dog for every outfit.”
  • She has a dog called Lady Diva Gaga. The dog has Lou Gehrig’s disease.
  • The couple sleeps with 24 of their 35 dogs — some on the bed, others in cribs that surround the bed.
  • This sentence: “The dog room is a luxuriously appointed circular atrium lined with a sweeping window seat covered in leopard-print cushions and portable steps since some of the dogs are too tiny to jump up on their own.”
  • She has 26 portraits of her dogs on one wall.
  • The dog room leads to “a heated flagstone run and fenced patio with faux fire hydrant.”
  • Social critic and author James Howard Kunstler once dismissed her house as “a Kmart version of Louis XIV.” (That’s not about a dog, but nice one, Kunstler!)

Here’s hoping E! finds room on its schedule. Or not. I don’t know anymore.

Via TimesUnion.com

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