All Dogs Rule, But Here Are 6 Reasons I’m in Love With Those on the Smallish Side

My own two dogs straddle the line between small and medium, and I absolutely adore them.


I love dogs of all sizes. That being said, small and medium pups hold a special place in my heart. I have my reasons—some emotional, others practical—and here are six:

1. They don’t know they are small.

Meet my dogs, above, Dolly and Spot.

This is how they imagine themselves:

I can’t help but smile every time they approach a bigger breed as if at the same eye level or take on a toy twice their size.

2. They fit in my lap, mostly.

When Spot jumps in my lap, I know he wants scratchies. I oblige, occasionally even putting him to sleep. Those minutes before he wakes up and trots off to a comfier place are often the most peaceful of my day.

3. They don’t take up too much room in a queen-sized bed.

Granted, the space they take up may be where my legs want to go in the middle of the night, but Dolly and Spot’s small size allows me to find a place for them—my legs, not the dogs—elsewhere on the bed.

4. They fit in an in-cabin carrier.

Travel is possible with any size dog, but airlines let you keep smaller dogs who fit in an in-cabin carrier with you throughout the journey. I flew with Dolly often when she was a puppy, and this was the only option I felt comfortable with.

5. They can rock a hoodie—and other items of clothing.

My dogs don’t wear clothes often, but when they do the pieces are warm and stylish. The super-cool Paul Frank hoodie Spot modeled for a giveaway last year comes in small through extra-large sizes, but the extra-large was only big enough to fit a French Bulldog, according to the maker.

6. They bark adorably.

When smaller dogs bark, their entire body shakes with each burst of sound. It makes me smile and totally not take them too seriously.

Tell us about why you love the size of dogs you love. And show us photos of your little—or big—babies. We want to see!

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