Sign Petition to Bring Justice to Fake Tennessee-based Cat Charity, Angel Wings Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

Thanks to Kenyon for barking this petition in to President Isabel's Animal Abuse Commission. To reach a nice number of 1500 signatures on our petition...



Thanks to Kenyon for barking this petition in to President Isabel’s Animal Abuse Commission.

To reach a nice number of 1500 signatures on our petition against the psuedo-animal rescue Angel Wings in Tennessee we need 18 more signatures today. I’m asking all of my Dogster friends to take the time to sign our petition to insure that this evil woman never fools the public again to steal their heartfelt donations only to starve and mistreat our animal friends. The petition will reach the prosecuting attorney sometime this week. Thanks Dogsters, you are the best. We’ll keep you posted.

Here is the link to the petition.

Here is some information about the case from the petition.

Dear Friends of the Animals –

Below is information regarding a Petition that needs your signature to bring about justice for some FRIENDS.

This is a horrific case of hoarding and animal cruelty uncovered in March 2005 — Rehnee Harvey and Terry Harvey were charged with 187 – Yes! 187! counts of animal cruelty. They had a pseudo animal rescue in Kingston, Tennessee (Roane County) by the name of Angel Wings Cat Rescue and Sanctuary. This animal abuser/hoarder accepted money as well as animals from people who wished to support her so-called animal rescue, Angel Wings Cat Rescue and Sanctuary, which in fact turned out to be an animal nightmare instead.

Trial was set for August 11, 2006 – but never happened. A hearing was scheduled for March 27, 2007. We are unsure of this hearing actually happening, but currently the District Attorney is preparing her legal documents concerning this case. Pictures of the horrific conditions were presented to the DA on March 30, 2005. At that time the DA was Scott McCluen who has since been voted from office. The original 37 charges are dated June 2005. The animal rescue was June 31, 2005. Charges from that rescue, which increased from 37 to 187 were filed in October 2005. The original court date was for March 2006. That got bumped to August ’06 with all the additional charges. Then the judge recused himself from the case right before the court date – supeonas had already been sent out. Currently District Attorney Patty Murphy is in charge of prosecuting this case.

No one has gone back to verify that Rehnee and Terry Harvey have not collected more animals! There is a restraining order in place. It is a separate issue from the cruelty charges, as it was part of a nuisance petition that was required to get the animals out.

This Petition will help ensure a trial takes place and this case is given the attention it deserves.

Now, with this Petition we need to grasp the attention of the animal welfare world, the public at large, the prosecuting attorney handling this case, and anybody and everybody who will listen – let them know having a case of this proportion languish in the court system should be an embarrassment to the judicial system of Roane County, Tennessee and is without a doubt a travesty of justice.

Take a moment to read the Petition and view the links provided in it for additional information regarding this case. Then, please sign and voice your outrage. Be a loud, clear voice for those who cannot speak for themselves – our FRIENDS who were unfortunate enough to end up at Angel Wings Cat Rescue and Sanctuary under the cruel hoarding treatment of Rehnee and Terry Harvey.

Follow this link to read more and sign the petition.

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