Shop Now for Holiday Dog Gifts, Time is Running Out!

As explained beforehere, astrology guru Susan Miller of Astrologyzone warns that we had all better get our holiday shopping done as early as possible this...

As explained beforehere, astrology guru Susan Miller of Astrologyzone warns that we had all better get our holiday shopping done as early as possible this year. Whether we’re shopping for Chanukah or Christmas, ideally we should have all our purchases rung up by the end of … tomorrow.

I know, I know,this sounds way too soon. Some of us are still recovering from Thanksgiving hangover! But the reason for the holiday-shopping rushis that Mercury, planet of communication and transportation, will retrogradeon December 10th, and according to Susan, we’ll all start to feel the maddening effects as early as December 1st (and those of us born under the Mercury-ruled signs Gemini andVirgo will feel them more keenly).

This means that, if you wait untilnext month to do yourholiday shopping, you runthe risk of inventory being low on your desired item(s), so you’ll need to be prepared with a Plan B (and maybeeven a Plan C too). I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s a very real possibility that the first-choice items on your shopping list could be sold out.

Or, you may score the items you want, but encounter delays in delivery. Let’s say you specifically request that your expedited package beleft withoutthe recipient’ssignature, but the driver of the delivery truck uses his or her “judgment” and decides not to deliver your package without getting someone to sign for it. This maddening scenario recently happened to me, with a gift I really wanted thegiftee to receive as early as possible. Grrr.

Of course, one of the many reasons we love dogs is that they are so non-judgmental.Dogs are always happy to receive a gift, and rarely look askance at any present, even if it’s delivered a day or three late. To a dog, the time is always now – and this is a healthyattitudewe should all take to heart, especially at holiday time.

But dog lovers are only human, after all, sothey (we) have a tendency to be disappointed when a gift isn’t exactly what they were expecting, when they were expecting it -but they’re usually happy to receive gifts for their beloved pets, delayed delivery or not. So, if you haven’t finished your holiday shopping by December 1st, don’t fret: Just pick outfetching presents for people’s dogs, and you should be OK.

To make things easier, in the next few weeks this column will offer some gift ideas sure to warm the hearts of the dog people on your list. Today’s featured gift category is collars. A new dog collar is always a welcome gift, especially in my animal house, where there’s a revolving door for foster dogs, and each one requires new neckwear. There are so many brilliant collar options out there, but three in particular come to mind.

For an old-fashioned, handmade look, check out the leather dog collars by Holly& Lil. These British-made beauties make it easy to show pride in your dog’s nationality (or your own), so if you have, say,a Scots breed such as a Border Collie or a Cairn, consider the blue-and-white Cross of St. Andrew collar.Meanwhile, for St. Patrick’s Day, theIrish Tricolour collaris just the ticket, whether or not you have an Irish Wolfhound orIrish Setter.

If you put the ethnic accent on the American in Scots-American or Irish-American, and you prefer purchasingpet collars made in theU.S. of A., the handsome leatherCeltic Collar by Paco Collars (pictured above) is adorned with theLindisfarne spiral, one of the oldest of Celtic symbols. While you’re on the site, check out the Look Ma No Tags model,Paco’s super-stylish solution to the ever-annoying phenomenon of jangling tags.

Finally, SuperCollar offers a brilliant new high-tech invention: a dog collar with a built-in retractable leash – actually, two super-strong steel cables, each with over 100 lbs. of break strength. Designed by an emergency vet and a design engineering firm, thiscollar has proven to be a dogsend in handling myformerly scrawnyfoster dog Magnus,who is becoming more and more high-energy with every ounce of body weight he gains!

Do you have happening holiday gift suggestions for your fellow Dogsters? Please tell us about them in the comments!

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