Seeking Dogsters to Show Catsters Why Dogs Are So Popular!

A Call to Paws! (Your special assignment is at the bottom of this post, Dogsters!) Catster cats are in a stink (very appropriate for fish-breathed...


A Call to Paws! (Your special assignment is at the bottom of this post, Dogsters!)

Catster cats are in a stink (very appropriate for fish-breathed felines). The other day Dogster reported on a top-notch survey that found the following:

Dogs Rule


Cats Drool


Well, that’s pretty much what it said, but in a lot more words. AP and Petfinder surveyed thousands of people, and dogs totally trumped cats in popularity. There was no contest. Canines creamed the kitties.

The Catster cats got wind of this and had a hissy fit!


A cat named Skeezix, who is Catster’s main man (the equivalent of my role at Dogster, only more prone to giving people allergies, cute as he actually is), wrote a Catster post yesterday that was pretty amusing and cleverly written — for a cat.

But Skeezix needs to heed his spell check. Oh I forgot; cats are independent sorts who listen to nothing and no one — not even easy-to-use computer functions that would prevent paragraphs like, “So thare yoo have it. I think Ive purrvided incontrovertible evidense that peepul like cats better than dogs. Its no contest, reely.” Actually, come to think of it, he spells no worse than a lot of people who write on the internet. So never mind that argument. Sorry Skeez.

What I do have a problem with is his idea that cats are prettier than dogs. Hah! Let me go online and pick out a random cat picture. OK, found one, and remember, it was completely random. Yeah, cute little kitty!


With that argument dashed, all Skeez had left was his army of kitties who read the cat blog. So he enlisted them to make comments on our Dogster post about dogs being so popular. And because cats aren’t all that creative, he had to tell them what to say. Like lemmings jumping off a cliff one after another, with no thought, dozens of Catsters obeyed (“cats” + “obeyed” in one sentence = oxymoron). As a result, pervading the Dogster dog blog are dozens of these comments:

“Cats rool, dogs drool!”

Yes, cats have invaded Dogster. They have crossed the “-ster” line. Their little sneaky selves with their snaky tails have stalked their way into the land of happy dogs. This is war! Or at least a battle until everyone’s next naptime — which in the case of cats, should be in about 2.25 minutes.

Take Action!

Please head over to the Catster cat blog and leave a comment about why dogs are superior to cats. If you have writer’s block, just write, “Dogs rule, cats drool — with envy!” Heading to Catster is the best way to win this Battle of the Bow-Wow, but If you’d rather not cross the “-ster” line, just stay on Dogster and leave a comment on our Dogster post. As of now, we have more than 40 Catsters meowing there, and we need fortification. If you have extra time on your paws, do both! And leave one here, too!

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