Seattle Puppy Horribly Abused, $15,000 Reward Offered for Information

How sick do you have to be to burn a four-month-old pit bull puppy with acid so badly that she has to be euthanized? I...

Disgusting Behavior Needs To Be Stopped

How sick do you have to be to burn a four-month-old pit bull puppy with acid so badly that she has to be euthanized? I don’t know but may I suggest that its sick enough to BE euthanized? I understand dog “hoarding” in that those people usually have an emotional need to keep the dogs, cats and other animals. I’m not forgiving it, just saying I can understand it a little bit. But what was done to this puppy, Mooie, is absolutely beyond understanding or forgiveness as far as I’m concerned!

Here’s the awful story as reported by the Seattle Times and Pasado’s Safe Haven, the rescue center which conducted the investigation into Mooie’s murder and which is leading the charge in bringing the perpetrator to justice.

Before you go to the Pasado site to read more of this story please be aware that it has some EXTREMELY graphic photos of the abused dog, both before and after she was euthanized. According to the attending veterinarians, who often work with abuse cases, Mooie was too far gone to help. She was burned over 80% of her body and it looked as if she had ingested some of the lethal acid, if only as she was desperately trying to lick it off her body. In short, this poor puppy suffered in ways we can only imagine. The kindest thing that could be done was to remove her from her pain-wracked body.

“This poor baby would have needed all of its skin transplanted. There was just nothing left to save.”

The burns were so powerful that a hazardous-materials team eventually responded to the vet’s office because workers were having trouble breathing, and experiencing rashes and burning on their arms and necks.

Investigators told Engstrom they thought it was a type of acid that can be used for cleaning concrete, such as in a swimming pool, but that may sometimes be used in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

But she is not being forgotten. Pasado’s Safe Haven is offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the soulless person or people who committed this atrocity. The reward was originally only $10,000 but outraged folks across the web have upped the ante in hopes of cementing the perp’s punishment.

Investigators have some strong evidence against the pup’s owner/torturer. They found a substance that could have been that used on Mooie in the owner’s backyard. Obviously this subhuman is evil and stupid!

I look forward to the day I can report that the vicious excuse for a human that did this to Mooie has been tried and convicted.

Thanks to Jade Snoop, one of the Pet-O-Nomics group administrators for alerting me to this story. The Pet-O-Nomics group is for pets and people who support animal rescue and spaying/neutering.

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