Saudi Arabia Issues Bans on Having Dogs and Cats

I don't think this article needs any comments! Okay, I HAVE to comment! Is this a country with just too little to do? Of all...


I don’t think this article needs any comments!

Okay, I HAVE to comment! Is this a country with just too little to do? Of all the things people could be doing, harrassing dog and cat lovers seems pretty far down the list! Surely not all Saudis go along with this craziness! And don’t say it’s a religious thing so don’t comment. Not all Muslims so dislike dogs and cats as to go out of their way to ban them! No, this isn’t really a religious belief thing; it’s a control issue!

It comes to us from Fox News. Thanks to Sherrie Escue for barking in about this topic! Dogster Maximillion (to the left) is one of our Dogsters living in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s Religious Police Issue Ban on Pet Cats, Dogs

JIDDAH, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia’s religious police, normally tasked with chiding women to cover themselves and ensuring men attend mosque prayers, are turning to a new target: cats and dogs.

The police have issued a decree banning the sale of the pets, seen as a sign of Western influence.

The prohibition on dogs may be less of a surprise, since conservative Muslims despise dogs as unclean. But the cat ban befuddled many, since Islamic tradition holds that the Prophet Muhammad loved cats even in one instance letting a cat drink from his ablutions water before washing himself for prayers.

FOX News CountryWatch: Saudi Arabia

The religious police, known as the Muttawa, have the role of enforcing Saudi Arabia’s strict Islamic code. Its members prowl streets and malls, ensuring unmarried men and women do not mix, confronting women they feel are not properly covered or urging men to go to prayers.

But the government also gives the Muttawa wide leeway to enforce any rules they deem necessary to uphold the social order.

The decree which applies to the Red Sea port city of Jiddah and the holy city of Mecca bans the sale of cats and dogs because “some youths have been buying them and parading them in public,”according to a memo from the Municipal Affairs Ministry to Jiddah’s city government.

The memo, obtained by The Associated Press, urges city authorities to help enforce the ban.

Pet owning is not common in the Arab world, though dogs are kept for hunting and guarding. In large cities around the Middle East, stray dogs often wander the streets and are considered pests. Street cats are also plentiful, and people will often feed them or play with them but it isn’t a widespread custom to keep one in the home, and many cannot afford it.

However, in the past decades, owning dogs or cats has become a fashion statement among Saudis. Showing off a Doberman, pit bull or fancy breed of felines has became a status symbol.

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