Facebook Stars Roofus and Kilo Head Up Their Happy Rescue Family


This week, we’re taking a look at a couple of social media stars called Roofus and Kilo. Both of these Pit Bulls are rescues, and they head up a “farm of misfit dogs” whose antics delight their whopping number of Facebook and Instagram followers.

Without further ado, let’s get familiar with Roofus and Kilo’s story.

The dynamic duo

Roofus and Kilo. (Photo via Instagram)

Check out this portrait of Roofus and Kilo, the head dogs of their happy rescue family. Roofus is the chocolate Pit Bull on the left of the photo above. Notice his trademark perky ears, which kinda make him look a little like a gremlin, right?

Roofus’ partner in shenanigans is Kilo, who’s outfitted with a natty white face to distinguish him from his pal.

A real-deal rescue family

Kilo and pups. (Photo via Instagram)

Roofus and Kilo are part of a family of rescues. In Kilo’s case, he was taken to a local shelter where his future human was volunteering; at his former home, he was subjected to beatings, made to live outside, and wasn’t given adequate food. Luckily, his human stepped up and gave him a happy home.

When it comes to Roofus’ backstory, he was adopted when he was just a couple of months old and in something of a sickly state. He quickly bloomed into the strapping Pit Bull he is today, though.

Now both Roofus and Kilo are happy to welcome their rescue brothers and sisters, whether they’re in town for a long stay or just a pit stop before finding their forever homes. As their Facebook bio puts it, they’re a couple of “positive Pit Bull ambassadors and foster brothers to many.”

A well-rounded schedule

Roofus and Kilo at play. (Photo via Instagram)

When it comes to their leisure time, Roofus and Kilo enjoy partaking in the following pursuits: modeling, eating, napping, and playing with the hose. Rest assured, we’ll be hearing more about that last activity very shortly.

Ride around shining

Kilo in the car. (Photo via Instagram)

Despite facing up like he’s a fearless pooch, Kilo is apparently something of a scaredy cat in the car. Why? Well, it’s said that he’s afraid of bumps in the road. To help soothe his nerves, he likes to chill out to the sounds of Spotify’s Calm Doggy playlist while on the road.

The soul of Roofus

Roofus in costume. (Photo via Instagram)

When it comes to personality traits, you can sum up Roofus by his spirit animal — none other than Mr. Samuel L. Jackson. The wig is essential.

The prankster

Kilo loves the hose. (Photo via Instagram)

Kilo is pitched as the prankster in this duo. The backstory to the above photo involves our mischievous canine staying classy by frolicking in a mud bath. (This apparently happens all the time.)

After he’d dirtied himself up, Kilo sauntered over to the hosepipe and stood there waiting for his humans to douse him down.

“I swear he’s doing it on purpose just to get to play in the water now,” lamented his human. “I rinse him off, let him do his hose madness, and turn it off. Then he totally sits there and pouts for the longest time! Completely will not move. Ridiculous.”

Dogs can be brats, too

Roofus pouting. (Photo via Instagram)

When it comes to Roofus’ quirks, it’s said that he can at times resemble “the bratty kid who cries at Disneyland, or the miserable person complaining while on vacation in Hawaii.” So despite being taken to the top of a bucolic hiking trail in this photograph, he still put on his pouty face. It’s no surprise that he’s managed to pick up the nickname Diva Roofus.

Check out more of Roofus, Kilo, and the rest of their rescue gang over at their Facebook page.

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