Remix Is the Most Stylish Dog on Toronto’s Social Media Scene


Remix the Dog is a debonair Miniature Schnauzer who struts around Toronto, Canada, in an eye-catching array of outfits and accessories. He proudly calls himself a “stylish bearded pupster,” and even the quickest glance at his popular Instagram account lets you know that this is one canine who is all about setting trends and blazing fashionable trails.

Here’s your passport to the T Dot’s most stylish pup on the social media scene.

From small acorns

“We have always wanted a Miniature Schnauzer, and it took us almost a year before we found Remix,” says his owner, Jenn, of her search for a doggie addition to the family. “As a puppy, he was very tiny and smaller than any Miniature Schnauzer.”

It turns out Remix was officially the runt of the litter — a status that helped endear him to his new humans right off the bat. “We fell in love with his quirky personality right away.”

My name is …

It turns out there’s a humorous story behind Remix the Dog’s grand title. “During our long search for a Miniature Schnauzer, we had already chosen a name, which was Dino,” explains Jenn. “So we had an engraved collar made and even got a specialty tag made for him in Japan.”

As is usually the way with naming pets, things don’t always go according to nomenclature plan. “When we finally found him, we decided to call him Remix instead,” says Jenn, adding that the name came to them in a dream. “We still have his original name tags even though we didn’t get to use them.”

Who is Remix?

When it comes to Remix’s personality, Jenn calls him a “super friendly” pooch, who is prone to the occasional grumpy streak but remains a social butterfly at heart.

“Remix loves meeting new people and is always curious,” she adds. “He’s our little explorer and a huge cuddle bug, too. Just don’t wake him while he’s sleeping — he doesn’t like to be disturbed!”

A hirsute professional

Being that Remix the Dog’s bio boasts that he’s a “stylish bearded pupster,” it seems only right to get this pooch’s expert tips on maintaining a show-stealing canine beard.

It turns out attention to detail and committing to a regular routine is key: “Always try to wash the beard once a week! Lots of food and debris can get stuck in it, so a nice beard bath and comb is essential.”

Guardian of grooming

Obvious next question: With Remix’s style credentials all in check, which celebrity would he most like to get his no-doubt manicured paws on and treat to a much-needed makeover?

“It would definitely be Chris Pratt,” says his personal grooming assistant, Jenn. When it comes to the Parks and Recreation graduate, Remix would “advise him to grow out his beard and take more Instagram selfies with it.”

Now comes the standard industry plug: “Oh, and also cast Remix as Rocket Raccoon in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.”

A philanthropic pooch

Remix the Dog’s social media accounts definitely present him as a slick pup about town, but if you dig deep into his feeds you’ll find a pooch who’s also serious about his charity endeavors.

His philanthropic portfolio already includes collaborations with the Toronto Humane Society and WagAware, a pro-rescue and adoption group raising awareness through the sale of canine charms.

Jenn says that Remix is committed to the causes. “We would love to see even more animals find a loving forever home or gain access to proper health care,” she explains. “So if we can help in any way, we’re always on board!”

To get down with Remix’s cause, hop on over to his website or get on board with his Instagram feed.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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