Guy Fakes Falling Off a Cliff Photo for Reddit — And His Italian Greyhound Tries to Save Him

What happens when you pretend to fall off a cliff and you're with your dog? Your dog comes to your rescue -- duh. And it's all on camera.

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One day, a Redditor by the username French Heart was out taking a walk with his dog friend — an adorable Italian Greyhound. French Heart was enjoying the beach scenery when he saw something that made him think, “Oh heeey, this will get me mega karma on Reddit.”

And what was it French Heart spied? It was a rock formation that with the trickery of photography and just the right posing would make it appear as if French Heart were hanging to the end of a cliff by the tips of his fingers. Someone get this man a job in the special effects department.

Giggling to himself (there’s no account of him giggling, but I know I would be giggling to myself in a similar situation), French Heart initiated the self-timer on his camera and scrambled into place. To make it more realistic, he uttered a cry of despair.

That’s when his dog friend was all, “Oh what’s this dumb human of mine doing now?” and since dogs don’t understand trick photography, the dog friend panicked, thinking, “Oh my gosh! He’s fallen down!” He rushed to French Heart’s aid.

And it’s all captured on camera.

So maybe it’s not quite the photo French Heart intended, but his Reddit karma was just quadrupled because: Awww, dog friend!

Photos via Reddit

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