This Redditor’s Dogs Are Inseparable and Unbearably Cute

If this doesn't melt you into a puddle of AWW, you may not have a heart.

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Dogs are perhaps man’s best friend, but have you seen a pair of inseparable furry friends? Sometimes a pair of pups are so deeply bonded they can’t stand a moment away from each other, and the result is heartbreakingly adorable. Such is the case with Redditor Sputnik_One’s hopelessly devoted pair of rescued German Shorthair Pointers, Maddy and Woody. Sharing photos of the two dogs (and some cats!) via Reddit’s Aww section, Maddy and Woody garnered approval from the Internet community.

It all started when Sputnik_One resuced Maddy, now 13, from a shelter at two years old. Five years later, Sputnik_One brought Woody home. The two dogs, who look like they were cut from the same cloth, immediately cuddled up. They look so happy to be together in a happy forever home.

When asked to not sit on the couch, Maddy and Woody try to snuggle up on the same blanket on the floor. They don’t quite seem to fit — which means they have to snuggle even closer and harder.

Who needs a pillow when you’ve got another dog’s head to lie on?

According to Sputnik_One, Woody loves Maddy, following her around like her “shadow” and always attempting to be as close to Maddy as possible.

Woody and Maddy are the very embodiment of “puppy love.”

Images via Sputnik_One

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