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Rambo the Puppy Rules a Social Media Kingdom

Written by: Phillip Mlynar

Last Updated on January 15, 2024 by Dogster Team

Rambo the Puppy Rules a Social Media Kingdom

Back in 2012, a young MalteseYorkie mix introduced himself to the social media scene as Rambo. It wasn’t long before this self-proclaimed “dog that blogs” began to amass a huge following of fans. His rise has been helped by his penchant for dressing up in stylish outfits and captioning photos with a sassy and self-assured attitude.

Without further ado, let’s get up to speed with this top-tier social dog.

Rambo rise to the top

Image via Instagram.

To put Rambo’s fame in perspective, this is one pooch who has notched up a staggering 300,000 faithful Facebook followers. So when he calls himself “Facebook famous,” he’s not playing around.

In a nutshell

Image via Instagram.

If you want to sum up Rambo’s appeal, his official bio cuts to the chase:

“He’s a puppy with unruly, fluffy fur who loves eating delicious snacks, going for rides in the car and sniffing dog bums in the park.”

This pup loves the lens

Image via Instagram.

True to his social media stardom, Rambo is all about the power of pet pics. As he claims in a recent caption to a photo of him dolled up in his winter wear, “Did you know that looking at pictures of dogs wearing sweater vests is proven to increase your productivity on a Friday by 1000%?”

Feel free to try it out, and tell your boss to holler at Rambo if he has any issues!

All about his treats

Image via Instagram.

If you spent any time over the festive period checking in with Rambo, you’ll know that this dinky pooch is besotted with the idea of getting gifts. Instead of checking off his Christmas gift list for others, he could often be found splurging on “a jumbo box of treats” for himself. Lucy van Pelt would approve.

Further irrefutable proof

Image via Instagram.

If any more evidence about Rambo’s lust for treats was needed, here he’s managed to take control of his human’s laptop for a minute to leave some sneaky subliminal messages. Or, as he puts it himself, “I’m helping her out with her to-do list.” Crafty pup.


Image via Instagram.

When not attempting to satiate his appetite for treats, you can find Rambo posted up at a watering hole and ordering copious amounts of his signature drink, the barkarita. It pairs well with a sombrero and comedy mustache.

Up in the air

Image via Instagram.

Rambo is a dog who very much enjoys dressing up and accessorizing. So when it came to his Thanksgiving plans, he decided to turn himself into Ramballoon — although the concept didn’t quite take off as he’d imagined.

Lazy Sunday morning

Image via Instagram.

When it comes to his weekend downtime, Rambo can usually be found lounging around in a pair of snug pajamas while chowing down on his favorite cereals. (Mini Wheats and Cinnamon Toast Crunch seem to be his flavors of choice).

Oh, and he’s also definitely a remote-control hog, as evidenced by this incriminating picture.

The Rambo philosophy

Image via Instagram.

Everyone dreams of living a good life, and in Rambo’s case, he’s stumbled upon his own particular way of looking at the world. In essence, he puts his faith in a lifestyle hooked around “playing fetch in the park with your human after work, sniffing other dog bums, and eating the occasional bug or blade of grass.” Feel free to finesse his list if you’re looking to apply it to your own life.

Point your browser in the direction of Rambo’s Instagram or Facebook page to keep up to speed with this dog’s moves.

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