Purple Pet Hair Eater

If fur were gold I'd be drinking margaritas, on the rocks, on some warm island in the Caribbean. But it's not, so I type this...


If fur were gold I’d be drinking margaritas, on the rocks, on some warm island in the Caribbean. But it’s not, so I type this in a windowless room in my basement. There is hair on the rug, on my chair and in between the keys of my keyboard…and look at that, there’s also a few strands floating in my coffee.

Such is life when you choose to share your love with pets. As regular readers know, Lisa and I are the owners of three adoring dogs, each with their own unique hair style, and one feline. It makes quite the blend of fur, a premium blend if you will, worthy of inclusion in a home made sweater knitted by these fine folks.

The excess hair floating about the house doesn’t bother me much, I’m a man after all, and oblivious to dirt. Besides, the fur tumbleweeds that roll across the hard wood floors adds some charm to the house. Lisa on the other hand is a clean freak. She vacuums daily and has the Swiffer going a few times during the day.

Although I’d never mention this to her I have to say she may have won a few battles, but she’s definitely losing the war on fur (check under the bed honey, is it supposed to look like an old deserted Western town?).

So when the great folks at Dyson recently sent us one of their new vacuums, the DC28 Animal, to try out we were ecstatic. This particular model is designed specifically for people with pets, and hey, we’re people with pets! Plus, it has Airmuscle technology. Frankly I don’t know what that does, but it sounds cool.

The first thing that struck me was the simplicity setting up the vacuum. I kept making it more complicated than it needed to be and I felt like a monkey trying to put a square peg in a round hole. If I’d read the two step instructions, I would have been on my way to eating bananas a lot quicker. Dyson has done all the thinking for you.

After the set up came the true test; does it suck? Lisa had vacuumed the floors the night before we got The Animal so it was starting from a clean floor. Or so we thought. Holy mackerel, I could have built a sand sculpture with all the stuff the DC28 was picking up, or more precisely, a sand mermaid with chest hair and an afro.

The Animal’s telescoping handle means you don’t have to lug the vacuum up the stairs to clean them. It’s simple to pull the wand out and reach each stair one at a time. It’s great for getting bugs in high places, or that cob web in the corner that’s been taunting you for months, too.

Don’t be shy, go out and rescue this Animal from your local retail shelter today. You won’t be disappointed.

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