You Win, Purina: The Ads for Your New Hands-Free Treat Launcher Are Just Plain Ridiculous

We can't speak to how well Beggin' Party Poppers actually work, but there's something to be said for the ads.


As electronic gizmos like automatic ball launchers gain traction, we can look forward to a hands-free dog-owning existence in the very near future. Case in point: Beggin’ Party Poppers. Featuring the latest in canine robotronics and voice-controlled telemetrics from the Purina Embedded Systems Labs, the Beggin’ Party Poppers device features a touch-sensitive rubber polymer catch combined with a patented —

Oh wait, it’s just a rubber pig snout that you press down to blast off a treat.

That’s refreshing.

Although we can’t say much for those treats — it’s a bacon and cheese something or other and we don’t review food products here on Dogster — but we have been enjoying the funny videos the company has been releasing in anticipation of this week’s launch.

Here’s one that uses irresistible slow-motion doggies:

Here’s one that excellently parodies a French art film, right down to the mime:

After those two they get a lot weirder (and less funny, sadly), but this bizarre product launch meeting makes the cut.

Funny stuff. Are you intrigued? Is a Beggin’ Party Popper in your future? Check out more funny videos at the website.

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