Pugs Who Ate Their Owner Get New Owners

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/pets_animals/Pugs_Who_Ate_Their_Last_Owner_Get_New_Owners'; When Harry met Sally, things were good. They played, they hung out, they got to eat dog food every day at their...


Harry (right) and Sally look a little traumatized to us, contrary to what humane society officials say. Oh wait...Pugs always look this way. (AP photo)

When Harry met Sally, things were good. They played, they hung out, they got to eat dog food every day at their suburban Omaha home. But when Harry’s and Sally’s person committed suicide earlier this month, they had nothing to eat. No dog food, no can opener to open goodies in the pantry, no way to get into the fridge.

After a few days of no food or water, and a few days of their person lying there, they did what any other dogs who want to survive would do. They began to make a meal of him. His body was not discovered for two weeks. (It is very sad that this poor man was not missed earlier.)

The pugs were taken in by the Nebraska Humane Society, and evaluated for adoption. They were deemed well adjusted an in excellent shape. Their temperaments were great — nothing like a stereotypical “man eater.” So they were put up for rehousing.

But would anyone want to adopt animals who had been part of such a macabre situation?

Amazingly, the shelter was flooded with people who wanted to take them in. Some 250 families and individuals applied to be their new guardians. A couple from Indiana won the pug lottery. They had raised pugs before, and were looking to adopt more. Harry and Sally met the couple today in Indiana.

Humane society officials say the pugs should suffer no long-lasting psychological effects, and will be excellent pets. We just hope that they’re not the types (as Jake is) to do that chewing thing when they sleep. That would be a bit creepy at first. But they’re so ridiculously cute we’re sure we’d get over the heebie-jeebies pretty quickly.

We hope their poor owner is finally at peace, and that this time the pugs’ home will indeed be a forever home.

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