7 Products for Dogs We Love Right Now

French Bullevard collar.
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1. Open Farm’s Farm-to-Bowl Dog Food

Open Farm.

Committed to raising the bar for farm animal welfare and providing full traceability of the supply chain to its customers, Open Farm ethically sources farm-to-bowl foods for dogs. High in fresh meat and protein, this food line offers low-carb and low-GI formulas in four grain-free varieties: Catch-of-the-Day Whitefish & Green Lentil, Farmer’s Market Pork & Root Vegetable, Homestead Turkey & Chicken and the newest, Wild-Caught Salmon. Available in 4.5-, 12- or 24-pound bags. Prices range from $22.99 to $84.99. Open Farm; openfarmpet.com

2. EzyDog’s Zero Shock Leash Makes Dog Walking Easier on Both of You

Zero Shock Leash.

Looking for a comfortable leash that reduces strain and pull for both you and your dog on your walks? Check out the latest Zero Shock Leash — camo style. The new green camo and pink camo leashes have reflective stitching, accessory D-ring, plus the 48-inch leash has a built-in traffic handle. Also comes in regular black, blue, chocolate, candy, orange, red, bubble gum and purple. $25/72-inch lite version; $30/25-inch; $34/48-inch. EzyDog; ezydog.com

3. Travel-Tainer Ensures Feeding Your Dog On the Go is Easier Than Ever


Feeding your dog on the road just became easier with the Travel-Tainer, the on-the-go feeding system for pets. Fill the airtight, clear, plastic food container with your dog’s favorite kibble. Attach the two food/water dishes with the carry handle and you’re off. $12.99. Gamma2; gamma2.net

4. Gussy Up Your Pup with French Bullevard’s Dazzling Jewelry Collars

French Bullevard collar.

Unique as your dog, the French Bullevard collar jewelry dazzles. Add the eye-catching La Marquise — Bleu Poudré to your dog’s wardrobe. This hand-crafted
polished gold chain braided with a powder blue suede leather lacing is set to stun. Available in sizes XS to XL. $42. French Bullevard; frenchbullevard.com

5. Store Your Dog’s Food Without Taking Up Space with Vittles Vault

Vittles Vault.

Love to travel with your dog? Have an RV or Boat? The Vittles Vault stores your dog’s food, taking up the least amount of space. This collapsible SoftStore pet food container compresses as your dog eats the food. Made in the USA of 100-percent food-grade materials, FDA-approved liner, BPA-free. Durable nylon bag has a handle and easy-spin off/on lid. $29.99/30-pound; $39.99/50-pound. Gamma2; gamma2.net

6. Zuke’s Enhance Functional Chews Are Yummy and Healthy

Zuke's Enhance Treats.

Your dog will think the new Zuke’s Enhance Functional Chews are a yummy treat, while you’ll know they’re really helping to support your dog’s health. Each chew includes natural herbs. Choose from eight varieties in chicken or peanut butter flavor: Calming, Cognition, Digestion, Endurance, Fresh Breath, Immune Support, Mobility and Shiny Coat. $9.99/5-ounce pouch. Zuke’s; zukes.com

7. Block Out Noises with the LectroFan


Need to drown out noise from thunderstorms, fireworks or traffic making your dog anxious? The LectroFan features 20 different white noise and fan sounds plus is small enough for the home or on-the-road use. Comes with precise volume control, sleep timer, upward facing speaker and in two colors: black or white. $49.95. Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc.; soundofsleep.com

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