President Isabel’s Animal Abuse Commission Launches DACAC

President Isabel Animal Abuse Commission is on the move again. Attorney General Rosie Moondog wrote: President Isabel's Animal Abuse Commission is launching a new program...


Rosie Moondog
President Isabel Animal Abuse Commission is on the move again.

Attorney General Rosie Moondog wrote:
President Isabel’s Animal Abuse Commission is launching a new program we are calling the Dogster Abuse and Cruelty Awareness Campaign or DACAC (we wanted a cooler acronym, but that’s okay). President Isabel and I have asked Commission members to find cases at, the ASPCA, or from their area that require action (i.e. petitions, letter writing, etc), and publicize them in the forums. We are following the lead of dogs like Mo, Tessa Lee, and one of our newest members–Boo–who have done such a great job spreading the word about Kahn, Mooie, and Mercy.

Our first publicized case under DACAC is that of Dewey, a dachshund who was drowned by two sicko women in New Hampshire. They almost walked because intentional drowning is not included in the list of crimes under their abuse and cruelty statute. This past week the Republican controlled State Legislature failed to pass a bill that would have made intentional drowning a class B felony. Instead of the 1 year these women got, they could have been sentenced to 7 (we think they should get life, but one step at a time).

We have posted the URL for the directory of the New Hampshire State Legislature and the Governor of New Hampshire on our group forum, and in the Laws & Legislation Forum. We are asking Dogsters to write and tell them we are displeased with the vote and that intentional drowning needs to be added to the statute. We are also calling on the Governor to urge the Legislature to reexamine the bill.

We hope that the DACAC will get more Dogsters involved in animal advocacy, helping to make the United States a safer place for animals.

Isabel Roverandum
Also, President Isabel has asked me to tell you that she is awarding a special Presidential Commendation to Chloe the Chaotic for fashioning us with our awesome Seal pictures, and for providing great animated pictures to her pals. She is helping to keep Dogster chaotically crazy and deserves our apaws!

Keep us all updated on your progress as you fight the good fight!

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