Portland McMenamins’ Employees Tell Dogster to Put Dog in Car During 91 Degree Weather

Marc in Portland barked in to tell us about an experience he had a few days ago at a McMenamins. I left a message at...

Marc in Portland barked in to tell us about an experience he had a few days ago at a McMenamins.

I left a message at both McMenamins’ headquarters and the location at which Marc barked that the event happened. Since then I’ve heard back from three very concerned McMenamins’ managers, all of whom were shocked to hear about the incident. All three were very upset that something like this might happen at their business. All three promise to cover the issue with their new employees. All three are pet parents and very much against endangering pets by locking them in cars. I believe they are truly upset that some harm might have come to a furbaby and I thank them for the rapidity of their responses.

All three very nice McMenamins’ folks made the point that while they don’t allow pets on their sites, they have signs saying that and they encourage pet parents to take their furbabies home and then come back. One good thing may come out of this, the highest ranking of the McMenamins’ folks said they are looking for ways to allow pet guardians to bring their friends with them to their hotels. Let’s hope that happens. Meanwhile my thanks go out to McMenamins for responding quickly to my calls and to their stated dedication to investigating the event. After talking with McMenamins’ managers I would definitely make a point of visiting one of their businesses next time in Oregon to see if the restaurant or hotel is as upscale as those who manage and represent them.

By the way, this is a great time to discuss this horrible way that many animals die ever year. As Dogsters and Catsters we can be the extra pair of eyes that sees an animal inhumanely locked in a car. Don’t just walk by; do something! That animal’s life depends on you being a good samaritan! Find security or a manager who can call for a locksmith.

Whenever you’re near a businesses or walking through a parking lot, keep your eyes open for animals locked in overheating vehicles! And report the abuse to local authorities. I would first complain to the location management. If the manager does nothing immediately, then call local news media to report on how this local store encourages or allows animal abuse.

Thanks Marc for barking in about your experiences. Maybe we can help save some dogs from being killed by heat and pet guardian/management/employee stupidity!

On June 3, 2007; at 3:00 p.m., my family visited McMenamins (Edgefield). While walking near the entrance we were told by a male employee to place our lab (dog) in the car. Yes, car. Now today’s high in Portland was 91 degrees. I told them, “No, not in this weather.” So I walked to the parking lot, and sat with my dog in the shade until my relatives got some food to go. About 20 minutes later, another employee walks by and tells me, “There are no dogs allowed here.” We told her we’re just waiting in the shade not even close to a walkway, etc. She told us again to place our dog in the car!

So, after my family spent $100 on food we drove off only to see a dog in a car in the parking lot, unattended!

The Humane Society should investigate such directives, or orders given to patrons.

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