Pix We Love: William Wegman’s Weimaraners Would Like to Take a Walk, Please

Medical-devices company Omhu teams up with the famed photographer to celebrate walking with the release of a new cane.

dogedit  |  May 9th 2012

Omhu creates premium medical equipment and accessories. The name is Danish for “with great care.”

Believing that life is “imperfect and beautiful,” the company set out to develop a cane that is practical yet stylish, durable yet fun. The colorful U.S.-manufactured canes prove that walking, even when assisted, is enjoyable and beneficial. And no one knows that more than a dog does.

That’s why Omhu teamed up with famous dog-art photographer and Weimaraner lover William Wegman to create a series of pooch portraits to celebrate the joys of walking with a dog.

The health benefits of walking with a cane and owning a dog have been demonstrated time and time again, and Wegman expertly combines dog and cane in these elegant, whimsical photos.

Via Omhu