Pix We Love: Kids’ Day at Dogster and Catster HQ

Last week, our parent company had "bring your kids to work day," and of course everybody wanted to hang out with the cool cats (and pups) from Dogster and Catster!


Once a year, Dogster’s parent company, SAY Media, invites employees to bring in their children for a day of edutainment (that’s education plus entertainment … we know, we know, we’ll never use it again!). Kids come in wondering what the heck their moms and dads do at this building on Townsend St. all day and leave wondering if they want to work in publishing or advertising when they grow up. Anyway, we made sure they left with some cute Dogster and Catster goodie bags, too.

Our Community Manager, Lori Malm, organized a cute session where she asked everybody to draw their favorite dog or cat. Then she put a small treat on top of each drawing and the office Boston Terrier, GiGi (of “Ask GiGi” fame!) walked around the table and chowed down at her pick.

The winner — Taylor W. — is pictured with Miss Gi above!

Here are some more photos from our day with our coworkers’ kids:

We know they all want to come work at Dogster when they grow up!

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