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Pix We Love: Check Out These Dogs Cooling Off With Popsicles

In honor of National Creamsicle Day, we've rounded up the best ice-pop pups on Instagram.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Aug 14th 2015

As I am sure you are no doubt aware, August 14 is officially known across the country as National Creamsicle Day. Naturally, such a momentous event is something that you need to celebrate by breaking out a frosty ice pop or two. Better yet, with summer bringing with it the hottest days of the year, it’s also a fun reminder that you can help your dog stay cool and hydrated by letting them indulge in an icy treat. Here’s how you do it.

1. The four-step rule

#popsicle #popsicledog

A photo posted by Kelley Filson (@filson_dog_school) on

This fine pooch is showcasing four — count ’em, four — different ways to tackle an ice treat. Move No. 3, the bottom-up lick, is a particularly advanced technique.

2. Don’t be afraid to go big

#popsiclepup @maluxe

A photo posted by Jeffrey Daniel (@jeffgroot) on

“What ice pop?”

3. Stay cool

This Beagle is taking a nonchalant approach to consuming an entire popsicle in one greedy gulp.

4. Lickety split!

#popsicledog #strawberryishis favorite

A photo posted by Cori Rogers (@corianne51) on

Remember, when enjoying a summertime cool-off treat, it’s best to always use an enthusiastic tongue.

5. Start strong

hot dog!! #popsicledog #beattheheat #cutestdog

A photo posted by Crystal Danko (@madampirate) on

The first bite of a fresh ice pop is always the most satisfying. The dreamy gaze in this pup’s eyes lets you know that he’s found a frosty paradise.

6. Embrace the moment

#PopsiclePuppy @charlotte_mcdonald @madelinespantech

A photo posted by emcdonald11 (@emcdonald11) on

While young Max here is about to bug out from his icy thrill.

7. Speed is key

Bulldogs might not be renowned for their speed, but when it comes to housing a popsicle, this lady called Lola Beyonce has one of the fleetest tongues around.

8. The big finish

#popsicledog #getit

A photo posted by Bradbury Catlow (@sleepy_wizard) on

The most important lesson of all: If you don’t lick the entire stick clean, then you’re not doing it right.

Does your dog like frozen treats? Show us in the comments!

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