Pit Bull Whose Jaws Were Taped Shut Gets a New Home, Becomes a Model

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The story of Caitlyn, the Pit Bull who was found with her muzzle strapped shut with duct tape, was grueling and gut-wrenching to write about, as these things often are. Your sense that human beings are generally decent and good human beings suffers profoundly when the first thing you do in the morning is write a detailed account of someone acting with such calculated sadism.

But there’s a cure for that: When you read to the end, a surprising number of these stories turn out to have happy endings after all. Caitlyn seems to be one of those.

Firefighter Joshua Allen on the set of a recent calendar shoot with Caitlyn.
Firefighter Joshua Allen on the set of a recent calendar shoot with Caitlyn. (Photo courtesy Charleston Firefighter Calendar)

If you read the original account of Caitlyn, you may recall how severe the damage was: At the time, doctors estimated that the tape had been wrapped around her snout for 36 to 48 hours, pinning her tongue between her teeth and restricting blood flow in her jaw and cheeks. Police arrested William Leonard Dodson in suspicion with the case, and he now faces charges that could result in six months to five years in prison if convicted.

But what of Caitlyn herself? Things seem to be really looking good for her. She is now living with a foster family who is specially trained to take care of her medical needs. Although the Charleston Animal Society is virtually overwhelmed with offers from people to take her home, Caitlyn will stay with her foster family until Dodson’s case is resolved one way or the other. The Society posted a picture showing her resting peacefully at her new home:

(Photo courtesy Charleston Animal Society)

But even outside her new home, Caitlyn has been making lots of new friends. She’s prominently featured in the 2016 Charleston Firefighter Calendar, which raises funds to support medical care for abandoned and abused animals. Last year, the calendar raised over $250,000, which is one of the reasons that Caitlyn was able to get the reconstructive surgery she so desperately needed.

Source: Charleston Firefighter Calendar
(Photo courtesy Charleston Firefighter Calendar)

You can see more about the shoot and the fundraising in the Huffington Post video below. Our congratulations to Caitlyn and everyone who’s helped with her happy ending.

Via Charleston Animal Society, The Dodo, and Huffington Post Live

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