This Israeli Calendar Pairing Pinups with Pit Bulls Is Hot Stuff

The “Chicks for Pits” project is raising money for Dino's House, a rescue that takes in Pits and dogs like them in Israel.


Dino’s House, a rescue shelter in Israel that focuses on Pit Bulls and similar dogs, has created a calendar featuring Pit Bulls and models — tattooed models, according to a story in the Blaze. We’ve seen this idea before. We’re behind this idea.

Adi Tzioni started the “Chicks for Pits” project hoping to change people’s opinion of the dogs. She has an AmStaff and a Doberman, and she told Haaretz, “When they see me on the street with my dogs people get scared and move to the other side.”

“Everything depends on how they are raised, because even a Poodle or a Pinscher can be be aggressive if educated to be. It all depends on what kind of people they land with,” Tzioni told Ynet. “They return love.”

Dudu Martziano founded Dino’s House in 2012, and it currently houses 25 dogs. After rescuing dogs from fighting operations or abusive conditions, the group rehabilitates the dogs and then adopts them out. It can be a difficult process.

“Rehabilitation has many layers. A dog can arrive that is frightened and aggressive primarily toward animals and in seldom cases toward humans. If we place him as he is into a home, he could simply rip it apart due to his great frustration and fear, so we need to expose him from anew in a positive way to the environment,” he said, according to the Blaze. “That means we need to introduce him to a place where he will feel secure, where he has a normal routine including walking, food, and contact with people and animals.”

Martziano works “two-and-a-half jobs” to fund the rescue, and choses to help breeds like Pit Bulls because “nobody else wanted to do it.”

Here’s some more photos from the calendar, which will be available soon through the Chicks for Pits’ Facebook page.

Via the Blaze; images via Chicks for Pits’ Facebook page

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