Special-Needs Pup Piglet Uses His Platform to Raise Awareness

Piglet is an adorable special-needs dog who uses his challenges to inspire others and spread awareness for pets and people facing obstacles.

Piglet. Photography courtesy Melissa Shapiro.

Piglet is using his “ruff” start in life to act as a spokesdog. This adorable and differently abled double-dapple DachshundChihuahua rescue pup was born into a hoarding situation. He encourages people to spay and neuter their pets, and educates about the consequences of breeding two dapple-colored dogs.

Piglet is deaf, blind and tiny. He overcomes challenges with a positive mindset, which inspires others to consider adopting a special-needs pet. Piglet also travels to classrooms to help schoolchildren accept differences and face their own challenges.

According to his human, Melissa Shapiro, Piglet’s do-gooder message is especially poignant around the holiday season. This year, Piglet will continue fundraising for special-needs dog rescues with some new Piglet merchandise. He’s also hoping for some chewy sticks, tug toys and fleece sweaters from Santa Paws.

Learn more about Piglet at pinkpigletpuppy.org.

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